Segeln auf den Balearen: Unsere Tipps

Segeln auf den Balearen: Unsere Tipps

The Balearic Islands, led Mallorca and Ibiza , are most people a term – and for good reason. The Mediterranean climate, the deep blue sea and the many beautiful sandy beaches make this part of Spain for a holiday paradise without equal. However Whom the tourist crowds in the summer are too much, which is the right place. We find the island paradise of the Balearic Islands can best enjoy from the water, surrounded only by sunshine and the vastness of the sea. The Balearic Islands – with the main islands Mallorca , Menorca , Ibiza and Formentera , as well as 146 other uninhabited islands – is one of the most popular and diverse sailing areas in the Mediterranean and the perfect destination for your next summer. Do not hesitate, tips for sailing in the Balearic Islands.

sailing on the balearic


Palma de Mallorca , the capital of the island is a fantastic city with many attractions, museums, shops and great restaurants. Especially recommended is the Gothic cathedral near the port, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, which was built by the Moors in the oldest part of the city, and the Castillo de Bellver, from the 13th century.

Palma is a lively city and who stroll and want to eat delicious comes here fully at its expense. On inviting squares and charming alleys you can enjoy local delicacies and great Spanish wines in countless bars and restaurants on warm summer evenings.

Palma should not be missed and to sail here is a breeze: the port of Palma is large and welcoming with great service.

sailing on the balearic

Another great place is the beautiful Cala Formentor in the north of Mallorca . Impressive rocks and green mountains line the turquoise waters of the bay and make sailing in the Balearic Islands a special experience. Sailing during the day around the Cabo Formentor, the northernmost point of the island, and pamper yourself after a dinner at the Barcelo Hotel Formentor, a famous 5-star hotel with breathtaking views of the bay.

Highly recommended is Porto Cristo, a small village with plenty of traditional charm. Is best known for its Porto Cristo in 1896 discovered caves – the spectacular Cuevas del Drach (Caves of the Dragon) and Cuevas del Hams. You miss the caves in no case and combine your excursion with a walk in the nearby wildlife park.

sailing on the balearic


Menorca, the northernmost island of the Balearic Islands, is less well known and very different from Mallorca and Ibiza . Menorca is relatively untouched and the island is in many traveler popular for its charm and peacefulness. Mahon is a great starting point for your sailing holiday on Menorca. Mahon has the second deepest port in the world – he is 5 km long and up to 900 m wide – and the entrance has great views of the bay.

Make a trip from here to Cala Grao, a bay in the north of Menorca. Visit here you can watch the Albufera Natural Park, where you can stroll through olive groves and walking on the cliffs or the unique variety of birds.

Still further to the north of Menorca is the small but beautiful bay Fornells. The surrounding nature is completely untouched here. Fornells a small picturesque village surrounded by great walks, such as the great views from the lighthouse. Fornells is a fishing village, and consequently the choice of restaurants and cafes offering fresh seafood is great. Be sure to try the local dish, Caldareta de Langosta, a delicious fish dish with lobster. Who loves blog is right in Fornells.

sailing on the balearic


Away from the nightlife is Ibiza a beautiful island. Between San Antonio and San Vicente, in the northwest of the island, the coast is lined with almond, olive and fig trees, small woods and green valleys. Large and small bays with great white sandy beaches and turquoise waters invite you to relax in the sun.

From here, you can stop in the small Cala Mastella, before heading to Puerto de Ibiza. Cala Mastella is a fantastic little bay surrounded by nature, with a small beach and a romantic waterfront restaurant.

Further south is already Puerto de Ibiza, with the great Old Town Ibiza. Those who love the night life is right here, of course, and can convince them of the many beach parties and open-air bars and clubs themselves. Also during the day there is plenty to see, because the old town of Ibiza’s UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to fantastic old attractions. Visit the Church of Santo Domingo from the 16th century or the archaeological museum Museo Puig des Molins.

sailing on the balearic


Formentera, the last of the four main islands, is much quieter in the summer as the lively neighboring island of Ibiza. Almost the entire island is a nature reserve and offers a full 20 kilometers of beautiful, pristine white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. Unlike Ibiza vegetation here is not from palm trees, but fantastic smelling pine.

The only port on the island is Puerto de Sabina and an attractive, peaceful application point. Highly recommended is to make from here a short bike ride around the island, which is almost completely flat.

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