Ever dreamed of sailing to your favorite travel destinations on the world’s most luxurious yachts?

Updated December 6, 2019

Imagine waking up to a breathtaking orange sunrise over the majestic deck of a superyacht. You’ll start your day with a restorative head massage, followed by a helicopter ride to a secluded island for lunch, a swim in fragrant indigo waters, and finally, cap the day off with a meal of local cuisine cooked exactly to your taste.

Well, bespoke indulgence might not be so out-of-reach after all — at least for a week! At Zizoo, you can rent a luxury boat for your and your group, and no, it won’t cost you $5 million to $500 million. If you’re curious, just fill out a request form with a few of your preferences and we’ll whip up a few options for you to flirt with. 

For a little inspiration, check out our list of the top 10 best luxury yachts in the world:

10. Christina O (Market price: $32.4 million)

Christina O luxury yacht

She may not be one of the most expensive yachts in the world, but she’s certainly one of the most notable. In 1954, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis took Christina O, a former Canadian naval frigate, and turned her into a playground for the rich and famous. John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and many more have since set sail on the Christina O. This superyacht can accommodate 34 guests and boasts a massage room, a beauty salon, a library, a sports lounge, a glamorous dining room, and a deck that turns into a dance floor.

9. Lady Moura (Market price: $210 million)


Flickr / Kevin Hackert

This yacht is so expensive that its own name is carved from 24-carat gold lettering. The Lady Moura was built in 1990 for Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid. On board this 344-foot yacht you’ll find a pool, a helicopter, and a 75-foot dining room table. But the most outstanding aspect of the Lady Moura is its private extendable beach: a sand-covered hydraulic platform that extends out from the side of the yacht down by the waterline, and comes fully equipped with palm trees, beach chairs, and real sand.

8. Dilbar (Market price: $256 million)

Dilbar luxury yacht

Built in 2008 and owned by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, the Dilbar is said to be one of the world’s largest boats at 360-feet long and 50-feet high. With swimming pools, a helipad and enormous multi-layered decks that can host 20 people on each, the Dilbar is the best luxury yacht for Usmanov to cruise around his many private islands.

7. Al Said (Market price: $300 million)

al said super yacht

The Al Said houses a concert hall big enough to accommodate a 50-piece orchestra — that’s how big we’re talking. The Al Said was built by Lürssen Yachts in 2008 and is owned by Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, the Sultan of Orman. It can move at up to 22 knots and at the time of her launch was considered the world’s most powerful superyacht. This huge luxury yacht can host up to 70 guests and a crew of 154.

6. Motor Yacht A (Market price: $323 million)

motor yacht A

The 390-feet-long Motor Yacht A is one of the most unusual looking luxury yachts in the list, but the Russian billionaire, Andrey Melnichenko, certainly likes its style. The interior of Motor Yacht A covers over 24,000 square feet — the master suite a whopping 2,583 — and houses a disco hall and six guest suites that can be converted into four large staterooms thanks to the yacht’s moving walls. It’s got a helicopter pad, three pools (one with a glass bottom that sits over the disco hall), a silver-plated staircase and a 30-foot speedboat. But, believe it or not, Motor Yacht A wasn’t quite lavish enough for the Russian billionaire, so he upgraded to something even more enormous, which you’ll discover below.

5. Dubai (Market price: $350 million)

Dubai super yacht

This superyacht has been owned by the Sheikh of Dubai since 2006, but was originally commissioned 10 years earlier as the Golden Star by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei. Guests aboard the Dubai will find a glass staircase, a swimming pool, a helipad, and several jacuzzis. The decadent interior is full of mosaics and bold colors, while the spacious deck areas create a large social area and lounge, and numerous VIP and guest suites. The Dubai can host a whopping 115 guests and is currently the world’s third largest yacht.

4. Sailing Yacht A (Market price: $400 million)

super sailing yacht A

Here we are. The latest and greatest edition to the superyacht world. Not to be confused with Motor Yacht A, Sailing Yacht A is something of an upgrade for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. At 468 feet in length and with ship masts nearing 300-feet high, this luxury yacht was recently launched in Germany and is considered the world’s largest sailing yacht. 

It has eight floors and an underwater observation room and can hold a crew of 54 attending just 20 guests. It can also reach a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour, even with a steel hull and a teak-finish deck. It’s one serious yacht.

3. Azzam (Market price: $650 million)

Azzam super yacht

The Azzam is another superyacht creation by the people of Lürssen Yachts, who claimed it was “the most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built.” At $650 million and 590-feet long, the Azzam is said to be the largest private yacht in the world. It can reach speeds of up to 30 knots and boasts incredibly luxurious interiors designed by French interior decorator Christophe Leoni.

2. Streets of Monaco (Market price: $1.1 billion)

Streets-of monaco super yacht

This yacht design has got to be one of the most absurd and unnecessary luxury items we’ve ever seen. But, hey — it’s not our $1.1 billion. As you might have guessed, Streets of Monaco is a floating replica of the city of Monaco. It was designed by Yacht Island Design of Derbyshire County in England, and is still waiting to be funded by a billionaire owner. This 500-foot superyacht features the famous Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack, as well as Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse and the Loews Hotel. There are just seven guest suites onboard, all with private reception rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and balconies. The main suite is the size of a luxury penthouse, taking up three floors and 4,800 square feet. Streets of Monaco has swimming pools, tennis courts, a mini waterfall, a cafe-bar with underwater views, a helipad and submarines.

1. Eclipse (Market price: $1.2 billion)

Eclipse super luxury yacht Zizoo

That’s right — another Russian billionaire. Roman Abramovich is the proud owner of the Eclipse, which was created by Blohm and Voss of Hamburg and measures 536-feet long. It’s got a disco hall, two helipads, 24 guest cabins, 70 crew members, two swimming pools, a mini-submarine, several jacuzzis, three launch boats, and is believed to have several secret exits. The master suite is 5,000 square feet, features bulletproof windows, and even includes a private garden. This yacht even has an anti-paparazzi laser shield sweeping the surrounding areas!

If you want to experience a taste of the glamorous life, head to our luxury yacht charter rentals page to find out how.

And by the way, if you’ve somehow come into a load of cash and are interested in building a superyacht of your own, you can turn to some of the best luxury yacht brands out there who task themselves with the challenge of building high-quality superyachts on a regular basis. Feadship, Blohm+Voss, and Amels are big players in the superyacht game. Bertram Yachts, Benetti Yachts, and Riva Yachts might also round out the list of top luxury yacht brands, thanks their tedious dedication to quality and personalized design. Though, if you’re seriously looking to purchase a superyacht, you’re probably not consulting an article for assistance!


  1. I love spending time on yachts during the summer, but I will probably never have the opportunity of being on one of these ten yachts. However, I would definitely choose to take a ride on the Streets of Monaco if I had the chance. I would spend my time swimming, playing tennis and, of course, taking a ride in the submarine.

  2. These boats are beautiful, not to mention they’re massive! Holy cow, they’re very expensive too. Which is funny, because my boss would like to rent one and take all the employees on a cruise. I’d like to know how much they’re to rent.


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