Speedboat Quicksilver 605 SD · 2020 · Quicksilver 605

Hramina Marina, Murter, Croatia

Offered by Murter-boats.com
  • 7 max. guests


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Similarly to motorboats, speedboats are perfect for island hopping or spending the day cruising from beach to beach. This Quicksilver 605 SD speedboat is no exception. Fast, safe and easy to handle, this boat only requires minimal licensing, making it ideal for the casual sailor and The Quicksilver 605 SD is located in Hramina Marina, Murter, a convenient start point for exploring Croatia by boat. Happy sailing!
6.1 m
2.3 m
Fuel tank
150 L
Water tank
50 L
150 HP
18 L/h

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Check-in & check-out details

  • Check-in: 10:00am

    Hramina Marina, Murter, Croatia

  • Enjoy!

  • Check-out: 6:00pm

    Hramina Marina, Murter, Croatia

You’ll have to return this boat to the marina at the end of each day, unless otherwise agreed with the charter.

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