Speedboat Ranieri 19 S · 2017

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This charter offers free rescheduling in the event of mandatory COVID-19 related travel restrictions, preventing you from arriving in your destination country.
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Ranieri 19 S

Boat ID : 29929
Bagnaia, Italy
Boat Type:
max. guests:
5.6 m
Captain optional


Similarly to motorboats, speedboats are perfect for island hopping or spending the day cruising from beach to beach. This Ranieri 19 S speedboat is no exception. Fast, safe and easy to handle, this boat only requires minimal licensing, making it ideal for the casual sailor and The Ranieri 19 S is located in Bagnaia Beach, Bagnaia, a convenient start point for exploring by boat. Happy sailing.


Length:5.6 m
Beam:2.17 m
Draft:0.45 m
Steering wheels:1
Power:40 HP


Every boat comes with safety equipment


Additional fees

These are fees that will be added on top of the boat price.

Security Deposit

Pickup and Return

Check-in:09:00, Bagnaia
Check-out:19:00, Bagnaia

Please contact us if you would like to request non-standard check-in and check-out times or locations.

Marina location

Bagnaia, Italy

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Things to know

  • License and captain
  • Security Deposit
  • Deposit waiver
  • Insurance
  • Cancellation policy


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