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  • What are the best sailing places in the Bahamas?
    The Bahamas is an ideal destination for sailing. Some of the best sailing places in the Bahamas include the Exumas Island Chain, Nassau, and the Bimini Island Chain. The Exumas Islands offer a variety of activities and sights to see for boaters, together with vast reefs that are suitable for diving, as well as a variety of close-by offshore water activities. One of Bahama's famous stopping points is Nassau. The tropical environment, resorts, and modern infrastructure make the island notable. Make sure to sail to Blue Lagoon Island from Nassau with incredible scenery. Bimini, as the closest destination to the USA, is located just a day's drive from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Beautiful reefs, dazzling white sand, and crystal-clear water can all be found in Bimini.
  • How much does it cost to rent a captain in the Bahamas per day?
    If you do not have a boat license, you will need to book a captain for your sailing trip. A captain for your boat vacation in the Bahamas costs about $300 per day. The captain will take care of the itinerary, mooring and casting off, keeping everyone safe, navigating the boat, ensuring maritime laws and local regulations, operating the equipment, and recommending local spots to visit. Additionally, you can book a complete crew with a hostess and a chef to have the freedom to fully enjoy your private yachting experience.