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Home to Croatia's most famous beach, Zlatni Rat, and known for its authentic island lifestyle. Bask in Adriatic elegance!
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Sailing Guide Brac

Rent a boat in Brac and be captivated by the abundance of activities and breathtaking sights that await you here. Enjoy thrilling adventures like snorkelling in crystal-clear waters, exploring secluded coves, and hiking through lush landscapes. Brac 's coastline is adorned with charming beaches, and one of the highlights is the iconic Zlatni Rat, a unique pebble beach that shifts with the tides, creating a mesmerizing view. Dive into the inviting Adriatic Sea and embrace the Mediterranean sun while relaxing on pristine shores. Experience the island's fascinating culture by visiting local markets and exploring quaint villages. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or a history buff, Brac has something to offer for everyone.

Things to do and see when sailing in Brac

Brac is one of these islands in Croatia that is very well-known but still has plenty of pretty spots that have yet to be discovered. Aside from visiting the beautiful and popular beach Zlatni Rat, you should take some time to visit the quaint little towns on the island as well as participate in some snorkelling activities or sightseeing.

Activities in Brac

  • Explore the quaint town of Bol, with its charming streets, shops, and cafes.
  • Hike or bike through the scenic trails of Vidova Gora, the highest peak on the Adriatic islands. The views are truly breathtaking
  • Dive back into the history of the island and visit the Dominican Monastery and Museum in Bol
  • Boat tours from Brac allow you to explore the island's coastline with its hidden coves and pristine beaches.
  • Enjoy a relaxing day at Lovrecina Bay. Swim in the shallow waters and enjoy a beach picnic.
  • Sail from the island of Brac to the island of Hvar and explore its historic sites and vibrant nightlife.
  • Visit the ancient stone quarries in Pučišća. The white limestone Brac is famous for is still mined today.
  • Join a wine-tasting tour to savor local wines from Brac's vineyards and learn about the island's winemaking traditions.

Beaches in Brac

  • Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) Beach: Located near the town of Bol, Zlatni Rat is one of Croatia's most iconic and photographed beaches. The beach boasts a distinct V-shaped sandy pebble formation that shifts with the changing currents and winds, making it appear as if it extends like a horn into the sea. Surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters , Zlatni Rat is a paradise for sunbathers, swimmers, and all kinds of water sports enthusiasts.
  • Plaža Puntica: This beautiful beach can be found on the eastern part of the island of Brac. The crystal-clear waters and rocky beachfront make for a wonderful experience by the sea

Restaurants in Brac

Casual dining in Brac:

  • Arguola sandwich bar: If you’re in the mood for a sandwich or a quick bite to eat, this is the place to be. They even offer some wonderful vegetarian options
  • Snack Box: Get ready for some delicious food. Whether you want to enjoy a chicken sandwich or a juicy burger, there is something for everyone

Best restaurants with a view in Brac:

  • Kastil Gospodnetic: The sea and the mountains in the background accompanied by wonderful food make for a fabulous dining experience.
  • Restoran Punta: Steak and seafood are what make this restaurant great. Located on a nice terrace overlooking the sea, you get to enjoy delicious food with a view

Fine dining in Brac:

  • BioMania Street Food: The name of the restaurant surely doesn’t sound fancy, but the food definitely is. Fresh and elegantly presented dishes make for a fine dining experience
  • Miron restaurant: Mouthwatering fish dishes, roasted vegetables, and juicy steaks accompanied by a fine wine will make for a wonderful dining experience you won’t easily forget

Bars and Clubs in Brac

  • Cocktail Bar Bolero: Enjoy a refreshing cocktail after swimming at Zlatni Rat. The most beautiful view and the most delicious cocktails combined.
  • Varadero Cocktail Bar: Brac might not be Hvar, but this lovely bar makes for a great party atmosphere with a DJ playing some fun tunes. Sit in a comfortable chair with little straw huts protecting you from the world and look out at the lovely Adriatic sea

Explore historical Brac

Exploring the historical riches of Brac unveils a captivating journey through time, offering a profound connection to the island's rich past. As one of Croatia's largest islands, Brac has witnessed the ebb and flow of civilizations, leaving behind an array of historical landmarks and cultural treasures that captivate the imagination.

One of the island's most remarkable historical sites is the Brac Island Museum, nestled in the ancient village of Skrip. This open-air museum presents a unique glimpse into Brac 's history through its collection of artifacts, including Roman tombstones, medieval sculptures, and traditional tools. Walking through the stone-paved streets of Skrip, you'll be transported to a bygone era, surrounded by rustic architecture that echoes the island's heritage.

Sailing conditions in Brac

Embarking on a sailing adventure in Brac promises an engaging and unforgettable experience, thanks to the island's advantageous conditions. Positioned in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, Brac enjoys a Mediterranean climate that embraces warm and sun-soaked summers, rendering it a sought-after haven for sailing enthusiasts.

Throughout the peak months of June to August, Brac's landscape is graced with pleasant temperatures and gentle breezes, forming an ideal backdrop for sailing escapades. The prevailing Maestral winds, originating from the northwest and achieving speeds of 10 to 20 knots, consistently sweep the region. These steady breezes contribute to an effortless and enjoyable sailing experience, catering to both newcomers and seasoned sailors.

The pristine waters encircling Brac guarantee exceptional visibility, a crucial factor for secure navigation and the chance to observe the diverse marine species inhabiting the Adriatic ecosystem. The island's coastline is adorned with charming bays, intimate coves, and tranquil anchorages, enticing sailors to explore concealed treasures and uncover secluded spots to moor their vessels.

While Brac generally basks in stable weather patterns, it's prudent to monitor weather forecasts and heed safety directives offered by local authorities. Regardless of your sailing proficiency, whether an experienced mariner or a novice, Brac's propitious sailing conditions are poised to elevate your maritime adventure, crafting indelible memories amidst the serene Adriatic waters. It is a great spot even for novice sailors.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Brac?

A boat rental in Brac doesn’t have to break the bank, but you should know your budget before making a decision. Prices can vary depending on the season, the type of boat and its size, as well as the number of people travelling. If you don’t want to operate and navigate the boat yourself, you can always hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter in Brac.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Brac?

Renting a boat in Brac sure comes with a few questions you should answer before deciding on the type of boat you want to sail. Do you want to travel on board a boat for a few days or do you prefer to go on a day trip to visit a few sites that might be harder to reach by car or public transport? The choice is yours, but you should choose wisely.

Rent a RIB in Brac

Pros of renting a RIB in Brac

RIBs might be small, but they are fast and easy to maneuver. A RIB rental in Brac will definitely allow you to race across the water and explore this beautiful Croatian island that feels so much like paradise.

Cons of renting a RIB in Brac

A RIB in Brac is only good for a day. You can neither sleep on a RIB nor do you have facilities that resemble a bathroom. You are required to stop by the marinas to do your business and to get some food. There might be some room to bring a little picnic, but there is generally not a lot of space on board a RIB.

Rent a RIB in Brac

Rent a motorboat in Brac

Pros of renting a motorboat in Brac

A motorboat rental in Brac is the right choice for all sunseekers looking to enjoy a week of sunbathing, swimming in crystal-clear water, and relaxing without any worries. Motorboats tend to have a shallow draft, making them perfect for sailing closer to the shore. You will be able to drive towards the most beautiful beaches on your dinghy in no time. In case you were wondering, they are always included.

If you have a big bucket list of things you would like to do and see in Brac and beyond, a motorboat charter in Brac is definitely the right choice for you. Motorboats are generally faster than other types of boats and therefore make for a truly lovely travel experience.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Brac

A motorboat hire in Brac might have many advantages, but there are also some cons to consider. Motorboats are generally more expensive than other types of boats and you will have to pay extra for all the fuel you’re using during your trip as it is not something that is included in the price of a bareboat charter.

Rent a motorboat in Brac

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Brac?

Anyone who wants to rent a boat in Brac needs to be in possession of a valid boat license and a VHF radio license. The Croatian authorities accept a wide range of boat licenses issued by the authorities of different countries. Before embarking on a sailing adventure in Croatia you should check whether a boat license of your home country will be accepted.

Sailing routes in Brac

Day 1 - Sail from Brac to Bol: On the first day of your 7-day sailing adventure, depart from the charming harbor on the island of Brac and set sail for the vibrant town of Bol, which is still located on the island of Brac. As you cruise through the Adriatic waters, you'll witness the breathtaking beauty of the coastline. Upon arriving in Bol, take in the stunning Zlatni Rat beach, famous for its unique shape that changes with the currents. Explore the quaint streets of Bol and immerse yourself in its local culture. Enjoy an evening by the sea, savoring delicious Croatian cuisine and watching the sunset over the horizon.

Day 2 - Sail from Bol to Hvar: Embark on a journey to the popular island of Hvar, renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant nightlife. As you approach the island, the historic town of Hvar beckons with its medieval charm and picturesque architecture. Roam the narrow streets, visit the majestic Hvar Fortress, and indulge in authentic local cuisine. As the sun sets, Hvar transforms into a lively hub of activity, offering a taste of its famous nightlife.

Day 3 - Sail from Hvar to Vis: Today's adventure takes you to the secluded island of Vis, a hidden gem that boasts unspoiled landscapes and tranquil beaches. Explore the captivating Blue Cave on the nearby island of Bisevo, known for its mesmerizing blue hues. Upon returning to Vis, explore its main town, also named Vis, and delve into its rich history. Unwind on its serene beaches and experience the laid-back lifestyle that the island offers.

Day 4 - Sail from Vis to Korcula: Set a course for the captivating island of Korcula, renowned for its association with the legendary explorer Marco Polo. The town of Korcula welcomes you with its delightful medieval architecture and captivating historical narrative. Stroll along the quaint cobblestone streets, marvel at the intricate details of St. Mark's Cathedral, and embrace the sweeping vistas from the town's iconic towers. Take leisure in the allure of Korcula's pristine beaches and savor the island's culinary excellence, which offers a taste of its distinct gastronomic heritage.

Day 5 - Sail from Korcula to Mljet: Embark towards the mesmerizing island of Mljet, celebrated for its verdant panoramas and unspoiled allure. Discover the enchantment of Mljet National Park, an oasis of serenity graced by two stunning saltwater lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero. Embrace the opportunity to leisurely traverse the park's picturesque pathways, whether by foot or bicycle, amidst a backdrop of pristine nature. Immerse yourself in the tranquility that Mljet exudes, basking in the sheer wonder of its breathtaking environs.

Day 6 - Sail from Mljet to Lastovo: Today's sailing journey brings you to the remote and relatively untouched island of Lastovo. Discover Lastovo's untouched beauty, with its charming villages and serene atmosphere. Explore the island's unique landscapes, hike to its highest point for panoramic views, and unwind on its hidden beaches. Experience the tranquility of Lastovo, a true paradise for nature enthusiasts. This is definitely a beautiful hidden gem after the bustling Hvar and busy Mljet.

Day 7 - Sail from Lastovo to Brac: As the curtain falls on your remarkable 7-day sailing odyssey, chart a course back to the place where it all began – the captivating island of Brac. Take a moment to contemplate the remarkable experiences and cherished memories that have woven themselves into the fabric of your journey. Revel in the joy of a concluding day of sailing, allowing the sea breeze to embrace you while you soak in the Adriatic's stunning waters. Upon your return to Brac, mark the end of your extraordinary sailing adventure, which has unfolded against a backdrop of cultural richness, historical intrigue, and the untamed beauty of Croatia's islands.