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Uae's dazzling metropolis, Dubai astounds with its skyscrapers, luxury marinas, and desert juxtaposition. Navigate the Persian Gulf with an expert, witnessing architectural marvels, man-made islands, and the Arabian opulence.

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Can't find what you want?Talk to our holiday planners today.

Sailing in Dubai

In recent years Dubai has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Tourists from the US, Australia, Europe and the Middle East frequent the land that is basically a desert with access to the sea. A yacht rental in Dubai allows you to discover this modern playground from a different perspective.

Things to do and see when sailing in Dubai

Naturally, Dubai makes you think of sand, a lot of sand. It’s like the country is only made of sand. The sand is everywhere. The next thing that comes to mind is pure luxury - not the luxury of treating yourself to a fancy meal, but excessive luxury. Expensive cars, luxury private yachts and fancy hotels - you can find all of that and more in Dubai.

Activities in Dubai

  • Admire the stunning view over the whole city from the observation decks at Burj Khalifa
  • The Dubai Fountain, just on the ground of Burj Khalifa, is another spectacular tourist magnet. The fountain show which is accompanied by music will certainly leave you in awe
  • Head Palm Jumeirah, probably the world’s most famous man-made island. You should get there by rail to admire the incredible views from your window
  • Next to all the modern sites, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting Al Fahidi, the old center of Dubai. The vibes here differ completely from the modern playground, but will leave you in awe of the historic buildings, the colorful markets or souks and
  • Explore the desert from Dubai and ride a camel
  • More than 1200 shops await you in the Dubai Mall. Even if you don’t plan on shopping here, the mall is an impressive
  • Dubai Frame is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and perfect for snapping pictures of the city from above
  • Visit the Etihad Museum to learn more about the history of the United Arab Emirates. The interactive exhibition makes learning fun - even for kids
  • A visit to the Al Ahmadiya School, the first school in the United Arab Emirates, is taking you back in time. Learn more about the curriculum as well as the way students were studying here back in the day
  • Party on a yacht rental in Dubai to live the life of the rich and famous for a night - or a week

Beaches in Dubai

  • Kite Beach is the perfect beach for families and all those who enjoy watersports. After all, no trip to Dubai is complete without some fun activities in the water
  • Marina Beach is a popular beach in Dubai to sunbathe, to go for a swim and to enjoy the spectacular views of the city and the ferris wheel
  • Sufouh Beach: This palm-lined beach is perfect for anyone longing to feel like on a paradise vacation

Restaurants in Dubai

Casual dining in Dubai:

  • Shawafel: Try the chicken shawarma and the french fries. It’s perfect comfort food after a long day out on a boat
  • Fish Hut Restaurants: The fresh fish is definitely a highlight on the menu and if you want to try something super delicious, you should opt for the fresh fish crema soup

Restaurants with a view in Dubai:

  • Senor Pico: This Mexican restaurant with a view offers delicious quesadillas and tacos with a view. Enjoying a meal hear during sunset is particularly beautiful
  • Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant: You don’t have to choose where to sit to get the best view, because the restaurant is rotating, giving you the best view throughout your whole dining experience. It takes about 90 minutes to do the full circle, so you have enough time to enjoy your dinner with the most beautiful view. Not just the view is amazing here, the food is equally delicious

Fine dining in Dubai:

  • White Orchid Restaurant: A fine dining experience with Asian fusion you won’t forget. Try the highly praised Tom yum soup and you will be in for a treat
  • Seafire Steakhouse And Bar: This steakhouse won’t just serve you the juiciest steak you’ve ever tasted, it will be served to you in the most elegant way. A truly unforgettable dining experience awaits you here in Dubai

Bars and Clubs in Dubai

  • Eve Penthouse & Lounge: Overlooking the entire skyline of Dubai, this is the perfect spot to grab a drink and a bite to eat - the DJs playing here are not bad either
  • White is THE club you have to visit on a night out in Dubai. Some of the world’s most renowned artists have already performed here and a great night worth remembering is guaranteed. There is no greater way to end the night than here after sailing on your boat hire in Dubai the whole day

Explore historical Dubai

Dubai is a relatively new city charming you with its super modern architecture and flair, but is thought to have been founded some time in the 18th century as a humble fishing village - although Bedouin tribes have been living in the deserts surrounding Dubai for the past 4500 years. In the 19th century, as the city was growing, Dubai signed a special agreement with the British Empire and it remained under British protection until well into the 20th century. The importance of the port grew in 1901 when Dubai became a place where no taxes had to be paid on imports or exports and special protection was given to merchants settling here on their gifted lands. The Al Fahidi neighborhood is part of the old town of Dubai and a wonderful way to see remains of Dubai’s very beginnings. The Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum house is the former royal residence and was inhabited until 1958. Nowadays it’s a museum.

When oil was discovered off the coast of Dubai in 1966 a period of growth and prosperity followed for the city, but it was only from the 1990s onwards that the city focused their efforts on increasing tourism in the city.

Hatta Heritage Village, just outside of the city, is transporting you right back into time. The two impressive watchtowers, the beautiful mosque and the incredible fort all make this site a real tourist attraction - not just for history lovers.

Explore mystical Dubai

While there might not be any myths about Dubai taking you back to antiquity, there are plenty of modern myths about the city. One of them is the rumor that drinking alcohol is not allowed here. This is definitely not true as there are many licenced venues allowed to pour alcohol.

Another myth about Dubai is that it is incredibly expensive. While there are plenty of luxurious hotels, yachts and boutiques around, you can also find very good bargains here. You just need to know where to look.

A third myth about Dubai is about the weather. While the summers are indeed incredibly hot with temperatures regularly exceeding the 40 degree mark, months like April, May, October and November are far less extreme when it comes to the weather. Temperatures can reach up to 25 degrees. So the myth that Dubai is facing scorching heat all year round is certainly not true.

Sailing conditions in Dubai

Dubai is slowly turning into one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world and for good reason. Sailing competitions regularly take place in the Persian Gulf and attract sailors from all over. There is plenty of space for mooring at the marinas, including ‘The Palm’ which is now the largest marina in the world - not surprisingly, considering the excess Dubai is known for.

Sailing season generally lasts from September to May, making Dubai the perfect sailing destination for a winter getaway. With wind speeds averaging between 15 and 18 knots, Dubai is a fantastic sailing destination for novice and more experienced sailors alike.

While you might be fascinated by the impressive modern architecture of Dubai, there is nothing like discovering the natural wonders of the Persian Gulf. The Strait of Hormuz is known for its over 600 fjords and a great spot to really enjoy your boat vacation while being completely immersed in the experience.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Dubai?

Renting a boat in Dubai is not a cheap endeavor, but you can find good deals with Zizoo throughout the year. One of the most expensive yachts you can charter in Dubai is going to cost you 260,000 EUR for a week. Definitely not for those with average income.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Dubai?

The most predominant boat type you can find in Dubai is a motorboat. They are fast, fancy and easy to navigate. You can rent one to discover the surrounding beaches away from the city or simply to show off and sunbathe on deck all day long. There is a catamaran or gulet to rent every now and then as well, but they are not easy to come by in this area of the world.

Charter a motorboat in Dubai

Pros of a motorboat rental in Dubai

Charter a motorboat in Dubai for the speed. Motorboats are generally faster than other types of boats and therefore perfect for anyone who wants to either race from place to place or just show off how fast their motorboat can be.

Rent a motorboat in Dubai if you want to discover the impressive coastline of all of the United Arab Emirates. Lined by huge skyscrapers and other man-made wonders, this is certainly worth seeing.

Cons of a motorboat charter in Dubai

One of the downsides of a motorboat rental in Dubai is the fact that motorboats run solely on fuel - and fuel is expensive. In fact, it is not getting any cheaper. You will need to pay for all the patrol you’re using in addition to your bareboat charter, so you probably want to be prepared.

Charter a motorboat in Dubai

Charter a luxury yacht in Dubai

In a city where luxury motoryachts dominate the scene, your private luxury yacht rental in Dubai will fit right in. If you have a lot of cash just lying around and want to have a super relaxing boat holiday in Dubai, chartering a luxury yacht in the city might be just the right choice for you. It is very common that a crew is included in the charter price of a luxury yacht. They will take care of your every need while you get to enjoy your boat vacation. Most luxury yachts come with plenty of extras to entertain yourself, like a SUP or snorkeling equipment.

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Dubai?

Anyone planning on driving a boat in Dubai needs to have a valid boat license. It doesn’t matter if you are just passing through, want to anchor at one of the marinas for the night or spend a whole week in Dubai.

If you want to obtain your boat license while in Dubai, you need to follow the rules and regulations of the government. However, this is only something you can do if you are a citizen or a resident of Dubai.

If you neither have a valid boat license nor want to get one, you can always hire an experienced skipper or captain in addition to your bareboat charter in Dubai. Of course you have to pay extra, but that way you won’t have to miss out on a boat holiday and can simply lean back, relax and enjoy your sailing vacation while someone else does all the work. Isn’t that the best way to enjoy a vacation anyway?

Sailing routes in Dubai

There are plenty of fantastic routes you can take from Dubai to explore the Persian Gulf. Whether you want to stay close to the city or head out for a proper adventure, a boat holiday in Dubai won’t ever get boring.

A wonderful domestic route to admire Dubai’s modern architecture is taking you around ‘The Palm’. Sail to the Jumeirah Beach Residency before heading out to the ‘One and Only Palm’, a luxurious resort in Dubai where you can either spend the day relaxing by the pool or have a fancy meal at the restaurant that’s part of the resort. Your next stop is Zabeel Saray, an incredible 5-star-hotel overlooking the sea. Whether you just want to admire the impressive building from a distance or have the necessary funds to have a meal here, it is definitely worth stopping by. Your next stop is Atlantis, the Palm, another incredibly luxurious hotel on the very top of the Palm. The Royal Amwaj is your next stop before heading for the Rixos. Admire the architecture of these impressive sights from the sea. Before heading back to the marina, you should also stop by the Burj Al Arab. You might not get to see a lot of nature, but you do get to see a masterpiece of human engineering. It is unlike anything else you’re ever going to see in the world. If you want to explore a similar place, you should head out to discover the world islands.

Another more adventurous route is taking you to explore the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Day 1 - Sail from Dubai to Doha: Before setting out to your first destination, you should take your time to explore the city of Dubai. A modern enclave Dubai is going to charm you with its huge skyscrapers, fantastic observation decks and fancy restaurants. Arriving in Doha will feel just as exciting. The massive skyline is already going to greet you upon your arrival. The Katara Cultural Village might feel a little different compared to the large skyscrapers giving the city its distinct look, but it’s a great spot for a walk. It is intended to showcase different architectural styles and thereby bringing different cultures together. The National Museum of Qatar invites you to learn more about the country's history and culture. Since you’re already in Doha, you might also want to check out the Villaggio Mall, a shopping mall resembling Venice.

Day 2 - Sail from Doha to Abu Dhabi: You cannot come to the United Emirates and miss out on visiting its capital, Abu Dhabi. The city’s equally impressive skyline will greet you upon arriving on your yacht rental from Dubai. Explore the city and visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to see a monumental religious site and discover the presidential palace Qasr Al Watan, an impressive building overlooking the sea.

Day 3 - Sail from Abu Dhabi to Khasab: This lovely quaint fishing village in Oman stands in stark contrast to the hyper modern cities you have previously encountered on your sailing vacation. Surrounded by the beautiful Hajar Mountains and emerald water, this village is a true gem you wouldn’t want to miss on your trip.

Day 4 - Sail from Khasab to Fujairah: The city of Fujairah is also part of the United Arab Emirates, but far less excessive than Abu Dhabi and Dubai and located on the east coast of the state. Explore the Fujairah Fort, dating back to the 16th century, to discover an impressive historical site and visit the Fujairah Museum to learn more about the history of the region. If you get the chance, you should also visit the Al Bidya Mosque.

Day 5 - Sail from Fujairah to Dubai: Your boat vacation in Dubai is coming to an end. Sail back to the city of Dubai and greet the skyscrapers with a wave. Before heading back home and back to reality, you should have one last meal in one of the many fancy restaurants Dubai has to offer.


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