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  • Is it safe sailing in Key West?
    Sailing in Key West is an activity don't want to miss when visiting Florida. It's true that some travelers may be concerned about visiting Key West because of high prices and weather, but those are issues that can be solved. Lodging and food can be expensive in Key West, but we offer overnight stays that are way cheaper than getting a hotel room. Also, you can rent an Airbnb which is budget-friendly, gives you room to cook your own meals, and saves you some money to spend on other fun activities on your boat trip. When is the Best Time to Sail in Key West? April to June is the best time to sail on Key West waters as there is beautiful weather and fewer crowds at the time. Hurricanes and storms can scary, but we make sure we avoid the hurricane season from June to November and the heavy storms that can happen from August to October. We ensure we avoid any hazardous areas when sailing to make you feel comfortable, and all of our staff are fully trained. Many sailors live locally and are experienced enough to know the ocean like the back of their hands. Book your sailing trip today to watch the beautiful sunset on the turquoise waters of Key West.
  • What is the best time to go to Key West?
    Do you fancy taking a sailing trip down to Key West, Florida? We at Zizoo prioritize your needs. Do you want a boat for your sailing trip to Key West? We've got you! Do you want certain add-ons included in your boat trip? We will do exactly that! Key West is an amazing city in Florida; its beauty is undeniable, with its pastel-hued houses and striking appeal. The island has more to offer than just the turquoise water surrounding it. There are also white sandy beaches on which you could have some chill time, or some fun family time. The best time to go sailing in Key West is the spring season. During this season, the island is less crowded and the temperature is just right. You could have fun in the water by snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, and even fishing! Your sailing experience is also going to be much more fun with the friendly dolphins splashing about in the ocean. While planning your sailing trip to Key West, please ensure you avoid the hurricane season which runs from June 1st to November 30th. This makes spring the most suitable time for your trip, and will ensure you get the most out of your sailing vacation.

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