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    Book your dream trip in 3 easy steps

    1. Find a holiday

      Type in a dream destination and pick a boat that suits your needs. You will have real photos, reviews and destination-specific information to help you make your decision.

    2. Make a booking

      Send a booking request to your top choice and receive a reply within 24 hours. If you have specific questions or want to contact several charters at once, just use our easy messaging system to send your queries.

    3. Payment

      Once you have all the information and have submitted a booking request, you will either be charged directly through your credit card or will have 5 days to make a bank transfer. This only applies to the initial 50% - you can pay the rest 30 days before arrival by whichever method you chose.

    Pay Securely

    We have partnered with the world’s leading online payment provider so that all transactions handled through us are safe.


    Make informed decisions based on previous experience of like-minded people: both guests and crew can review their trip.

    Get started now, it’s free!

    Why holidayers love Zizoo

    It’s simple: Zizoo offers safer, more accessible, and less expensive boating.

    • Zizoo opens up marine tourism to experienced sailors and newbies alike who want to explore the world and have an amazing holiday experience on the sea! Millions of people want to spend some relaxing or exciting time on a yacht, but are unable to do so for different reasons. Whether it’s due to a limited choice of rental boats in their area, or because owning a boat is simply too expensive, access to boats has been difficult for many. Zizoo makes boat holidays safer, more accessible, and affordable.

    • Signup is free

      Unlike boat clubs, Zizoo is 100% free to join.

    • Messaging

      Messaging allows you to easily contact the owner with your questions before booking directly through Zizoo.

    • All types of boats

      From sailboats to powerboats and everything in between, you can find a variety of boats on Zizoo.

    • Booking

      Book directly through Zizoo and manage your bookings at a glance.

    • Secure Transactions

      We securely process and handle each transaction so you can book safely.

    • Earn Reviews

      You’ll build credibility with each review you receive, making it even easier to rent in the future.

    • Community

      Zizoo is a social experience. Through the Zizoo community you’ll meet new friends who share your love of boating.

    • Customer Support

      Our world-class support crew is here to assist you anytime.


    1. Create your profile

      Create a Zizoo account with a short description about you or your business, where you are based, and what makes you special. Include photos – so holidayers can see what you are all about!

    2. List your boats (for free)

      Create a listing for your boats. Upload pictures, price, availability and all other important details. Reach out to our expert team who will assist you and make sure your boats are presented in an attractive way.

    3. Now you are ready to start making money!

      Just make sure your calendar is up to date and respond to requests in a timely fashion. We will handle the online marketing for you!


    Reply to requests on time, get superb reviews and appear higher on rankings.


    Booking requests can be either accepted or rejected. You can see potential guest’s profiles and reviews about them, and you can contact them through our messaging system at any time.


    We have partnered with the world’s leading online payment provider - all transactions handled through us are safe.

    Get started now, it’s free to register! We only charge commission on each confirmed booking.

    More reasons to love Zizoo?

    100% free to list, plus a whole lot more.

    • Renter Profiles

      View renters’ boating history and communicate with renters before they book.

    • Credibility & Reviews

      Each review builds the reputation of both you and your boat.

    • You’re in Control

      Easily accept or decline any rental request.

    • Calendar

      Set your boat availability and manage bookings.

    • Safe & Secure Online Transactions

      We handle the transactions and payouts securely.

    • List Any Type of Boat

      List your sailboat, power boat, catamaran, fishing boat, and more!

    • Manage Multiple Boats/Listings

      Manage boats anywhere in the world, from one account.

    • Traffic

      We work with Google to drive traffic to your listing.

    • Support

      Any time you need us, our world-class customer service team is standing by.

    • Professional Photography

      We want your boat to look its best and can send you a professional photographer to make that happen.

    Join our crew! Coming soon

    1. Create a profile

      Tell the Zizoo community about yourself. Where have you sailed? Share your favourite spots. Show your expertise. Let Zizoo holidayers know what a unique experience they can have with you.

    2. Credentials

      Zizoo is all about trust. Upload your credentials, licenses and information about your experience and get more jobs by making yourself the first choice for holidayers.

    3. Sharing and Photos

      Post photos, share your travel & work experiences. Be part of the Zizoo community and make sea travel even more fun for more people by sharing your amazing knowledge of the sea!

    How will this work?


    You will have your own calendar to manage bookings and show when you are available for work.


    Provide all your language skills and connect with customers who speak the same lingo as you!


    Being a Skipper/Crew is all about freedom. Our platform will allow you to find jobs all year round anywhere in the world. You can work in the Mediterranean between May and September and in the Caribbean from December to January.