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Yacht Hire in Athens - Boat Charter

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  • Can I rent a boat in Athens without a captain?
    Yes, if you have a valid license, you can explore the beauty of the Greek coast on your own and enjoy a yacht in Athens. If you don't, you can still rent boats with less than 40 HP engines. If you want to be guided by a professional captain, you can also book him on top and enjoy your holiday without any duty. Renting a captain for your trip allows you to fully enjoy the yachting life and sail without responsibilities.
  • How much is it to rent a yacht in Athens?
    Prices for renting a yacht in Athens start at 800 Euro per week sailboat rentals. In the high season, it can be around 1400 Euro per week. Catamaran rentals in Athens can start at 1.600 € per week in the low season and 4.000 € per week in the high season. Spend a week sailing in the beautiful Saronic Gulf from your yacht charter base in Athens. On this route, you will visit three Greek islands and have the chance to visit two historic sites.
  • Can I rent a catamaran with a skipper in Athens?
    Yes, and it is a good idea if you fully want to focus on nothing during your holiday, as he takes over responsibility and - if you want - also the route. A skipper usually costs around 190 Euros per day and knows a lot of hidden spots you would not have found without him. The captain (skipper) will take care of the itinerary, mooring and casting off, keeping everyone safe, navigating the boat, ensuring maritime laws and local regulations, operating the equipment and recommending local spots to visit. Additionally, you can book a complete crew with a hostess and a chef to have the freedom to fully enjoy your private yachting experience. If you decide to be your own captain, you need a valid license.