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Yacht Hire in Split - Boat Charter

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  • How much is it to charter a yacht in Split?
    In Split, you can rent a sailboat starting at 800€ per week in the low season and at 1.500 € per week in the high season. The prices for catamaran rentals in Split start at 1.700 € per week in the low season and at 4.500 € per week in the high season. Since weekly boat rentals in Split are the most common ones for sailboats in catamarans, you can rent a motorboat and speedboat for a day trip in Split starting at 200 € per day. Most of the boats need to be rented with a sailing license. In case you don’t have one, you need to book a captain.
  • Can I charter a yacht in Split with a skipper?
    Yes, you can charter a yacht in Split with a captain. It usually costs around 150 € - 170 € per day and you leave all the responsibility to your captain and you just focus on the relaxing part. The captain (skipper) will take care of the itinerary, mooring and casting off, keeping everyone safe, navigating the boat, ensuring maritime laws and local regulations, operating the equipment and recommending local spots to visit. Additionally, you can book a complete crew with a hostess and a chef to have the freedom to fully enjoy your private yachting experience. If you decide to be your own captain, you need a valid license.
  • Do I need a boat license to rent a boat in Split?
    Yes, most of the time you need a VHF license for the radio, too. But you can keep it easier by booking a professional skipper with your boat who guides you safely around. The captain will take care of the navigation, safety and security of the boat, planning an itinerary and making sure maritime laws are followed accordingly. Be prepared to allow space on the boat for the captain to sleep and provide provisioning or meals during his stay.