10 Reasons to Charter a Boat for Your Next Holiday

reasons to charter a boat

Anyone who’s discovered the unparalleled bliss of the boat holiday needs only one reason to book one: sailing is one of the most amazing ways to travel.

But in case you’re new to the boat charter scene, we’ve got a whole bunch of reasons to make your next holiday a boat holiday.

1. Chartering a boat is more affordable than you think

You can find fantastic deals on boat holidays in dream destinations. In fact, chartering a boat doesn’t have to be any more expensive than booking a hotel room.

There are several types of boats:

2. You don’t need a boating license to go on a boat holiday

There’s a whole community of professional, friendly skippers available to guide you safely on your sailing holiday. Book one with your boat charter, check out our sailing for beginners’ guide if you’d like, and you’re good to go!

Read More About Booking a Skipper With Your Boat:

3. Sailing on a boat is a safe way to travel

Really, sailing is now one of the safest options for travel, considering the current coronavirus situation. Just you and your friends or family on a private boat: we can’t think of a better way to do social distancing.

4. By taking a boat, you can see places you wouldn’t otherwise see

Imagine hidden coves, islands only accessible by boat, tiny remote coastal villages unsullied by tourism…nothing gets you off the beaten path like taking a boat.

sailing islands

5. A family that sails together stays together

On a boat your family can really come together and reconnect with one another — bonding over the novel experience of a family sailing holiday and making memories to last a lifetime.

boating with family

6. A boat holiday is the ultimate friend vacation

Looking to strengthen your group’s connection? Get the gang all together? Whatever you and your friends are after, chartering a boat will get you there (and checking out our tips for sleeping on a boat will help you get ready).

7. Traveling by boat is super relaxing

Picture doing sunrise yoga on the deck, moving at your own pace, relishing the experience of slow travel, and just being far from the crowds and the chaos that come with conventional travel.

reasons to charter a boat relax boating

8. You can find plenty of action on a boat holiday

You’ve got your water activities: diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc. But don’t forget everything you can do on land, too, from mountain biking to horseback riding, hiking, and more.

boat activities resons to charter a boat

9. Chartering a boat can bring you closer to nature

From exploring the silent secrets of a vibrant reef to hiking to a majestic waterfall, you can find opportunities to experience the wonder of nature all around you on a sailing holiday.

sailing in Croatia

10. You can still visit lively cities on a boat holiday

Just because you’re traveling by boat doesn’t mean you’re stuck on water. Many of the world’s brightest, most bustling cities are on coasts and have marinas.      

Bottom line: boat holidays are perfect for expanding your horizons — and your travel experience.