10 Reasons Why You Should Be Sailing in Croatia

sailing in Croatia

Croatia, beautifully placed on the Adriatic Sea, is one of Europe’s hidden gems. This country is filled with beautiful people, has a unique location, and is the perfect place to spend your summer sailing.

1. The water is crystal clear and turquoise colored for miles and miles. While sailing to one of Croatia’s many islands or down its beautiful coast you can poke your head over the sides and admire your wonderful reflection.

2. The festivals that bring in gorgeous people from all over Europe. If it’s your mission to party on a yacht with beautiful foreigners, Croatia is the place to do it. You will meet amazing people, enjoy a summer fling, and party under the stars with all the festivals Croatia has to offer. Check out The Garden Festival or Unknown, two of the best festivals in the summer.

3. The Yacht-life in Croatia is what people wait for all summer. The salty sea breeze, the babes in bikinis, the studs in swim trunks, the sun kissing your skin; nothing short of paradise. You won’t be the only one on your boat; others will join you for the unforgettable experience.

Party cruise with friends

4.The Nudists flock to Croatia in the summer time so if you don’t like tan lines, no worries, you will be one of the one million enjoying the nude sun bathing.

5. The sunsets are considered the most beautiful in the world, well at least according to Alfred Hitchcock who bragged about Zadar’s gorgeous sunset. Pop open the bubbly and snuggle up to your summer fling as you enjoy the romantic sunsets every evening.

6. Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia! What we know as King’s Landing is the city of Dubrovnik. Park your boat to enjoy a stroll through this medieval city, or head to Split, another city where filming is currently taking place. Either way, you can brag to your friends that you got to visit someplace better than Harry Potter World this summer, or who knows, you may just bump into one of the royals themselves.

7. Bricks from the White House where taken from the Island Brac, so if you visit there you can own a piece of the White House yourself. Now, who said you can’t live like the President?

8. The Food is delicious with its fusion of Italian flavors meets island favorites. Dine on local fish, fresh olives, and rich wines that will have you spinning under the stars even if there isn’t any music playing (well, maybe in your head).

9. Make everyone jealous because hey, not everyone can live it up and sail down the Adriatic Sea. Wave to all the tourists who have to bum it out on the beach while they wonder what celebrity is passing them by.

10. There are over 1,000 islands to visit and some were just recently opened to the public. Each island is begging for adventurers to come and explore their culture, history, and nature. Some islands have marinas and cities while others have small fishing villages or no people at all! boat!

Whether you are sailing to get a tan, hang out with your friends, or enjoy all that summer has to offer, Croatia is the spot to start. It’s a beautiful place and a better place to meet others who are sailing and looking to have an unforgettable summer. You will spend our time in Croatia partying on the sea, on boats, in caves, on the beach, on the streets and looking back saying, “What an amazing summer”!

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