Best Music Festivals in Croatia with Party Boats

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One of the best parts of the summer are the music festivals. For a couple days, people get together to enjoy good music and have a little freedom from everyday life. Along with music festivals, another popular trend are the party boats they offer. Here are the best music festivals happening in Croatia that also have the added fun of party boats! You can even consider getting your own yacht to really make your boat holiday in Croatia more memorable than ever.

The best party boats in Croatia

Maybe you have heard of some of the most famous festivals — which we will get to below — but do you know any boat parties in Croatia?  Let’s take a look at the party boats that come with these epic music festivals.

Croatia has always been famous for its festivals. Beautiful landscapes, crystal blue waters, countless beaches for dancing, all combined with the many hours of sunshine make the festivals in Croatia really hard to beat. Some of the most popular festivals in Croatia are actually parties on boats.

This should come as no surprise since Croatia has some of the best sailing routes and has always been a popular destination for sailing holidays. Festival organizers have also discovered this and made it their own advantage. Here are some of the most legendary festivals on the Adriatic Sea — party boats included.

Outlook Festival near Pula

For years, this festival near Pula has been one of Europe’s best events. It’s location is right on the Adriatic Sea and offers some of the most stunning views. This area is perfect for a music festival with great acoustics as well. During the first weekend in September, celebrate great music for a full four days on land or on the many party boats. The open-air event will take place in the mesmerizing Pula Arena, a 2,000-year-old Roman amphitheater. The parties on the boats take about 3 hours and are each quickly sold out. The line-up includes bands like Jurassic 5, SBTRKT, Wiley, Flatbush Zombies, Mount Kimbie, Ben UFO, Bonobo, Shy FX, Fatima and many other great artists.

Fresh Islands Festival in Novalja

Since July 2012, this festival has thrilled numerous urban music lovers on Zrće beach near Novalja. Artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Goldlink, Snoop Dog, Nas, Kehalni, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lady Leshur and many other greats of this music genre come together for one spectacular show. The boat parties are all close by and definitely shouldn’t be missed!

Ultra Europe in Split

Split’s Ultra Europe is part of the more than 20 Ultra Festivals which draw thousands of people around the world every year. In 2013, this festival was launched in Split, Croatia. Artists like David Guetta, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Seth Troxler, Hardwell, Adam Beyer, Armin van Buuren and many more, have already been headliners here. This is one huge spectacle that boosts legendary parties on the Adriatic Sea. Anyone who loves electronic music and celebrating in a one-of-a-kind venue has at best found their favorite festival with the Ultra Europe in Split.

Sail your own party boat in Croatia

If you prefer to organize a party with a smaller crowd and with complete freedom, you should consider renting your own boat. You can plan your own route and private party with your loved ones or a group of friends. Here are a four reasons why a private party on a boat in Croatia could be something for you:

1. Plan your own route 

Pure freedom! In contrast to the party boats of the festivals, your route is not set in stone. Decide for yourself, or with your skipper, where to go. It will give you an amazing opportunity to discover and celebrate Croatia on your own terms.

2. Your own food and drink 

If you haven’t thought about it already, the food and drinks at festivals can get really pricey – and they are not always the highest quality. This wouldn’t be the case on your own boat. You can stock up in a supermarket for much less money, save on your budget and ensure you get all the food and drinks you actually want.

3. Private party in a secluded bay

During your sailing holiday in Croatia, you have the opportunity to celebrate in places where would never have the chance to otherwise. Imagine anchoring your boat in a beautiful, secluded bay and spending an unforgettable evening under the starry skies of Croatia — all to yourself.

4. Extra help or full freedom

With your skipper on board, you can celebrate and relax without a guilty conscience. Or how about a bareboat charter in Croatia? If you have a boat license, you can sail with your crew across the Adriatic Sea.

Croatia: The Sailing Paradise

This country is one is at the top of the list for sailing and is a true paradise for sailors and boat holidays. With over 1,000 islands, historical cities such as Dubrovnik, the crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea, unique landscapes, variety of national parks and well-equipped marinas — sailing in Croatia should, without a doubt, make it on your bucket list.

Do you still need a bit of inspiration to celebrate on a boat for your sailing holiday in Croatia? Then take a look at our free sailing guide for Croatia. Turn up the music and go see the world!