Best Restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by Boat

A sailing holiday gives you the opportunity to experience new destinations and new cultures in unique and unparalleled ways. It also allows you to get to some of these fantastic restaurants in the Caribbean that can only be reached by boat. Here’s a look at some of the Caribbean’s most exclusive, gourmet and fun-loving establishments in our list of the 10 Best Restaurants in the Caribbean to Visit by Boat.

Best restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by boat

Scilly Cay. Image by Gorgeous Scilly Cay

Gorgeous Scilly Cay, Anguilla

According to their website, you can get to Gorgeous Scilly Cay in a few easy steps: “Walk to the Dock, wave like an idiot to the island, we’ll spot you and be there in a jiffy”. Open for lunch Wednesday-Sunday, Scilly Cay makes for an excellent daytime restaurant. Enjoy excellent food, traditional BBQs and rum punch. When you are not eating or drinking, you are encourage to relax or snorkel around the small coral island in Anguilla. The “120 second” ferry to the island will certainly be worth your while.

Best restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by boat

Cow Wreck Beach Bar. Image by ScubaBear68

Restaurant at Cow Wreck Beach, B.V.I.

Set on on the beautiful island of Anegada, the only coral island in the British Virgin Islands, the Cow Wreck Beach Bar & Grill specializes in Lobster, Conch, fish, steak and ribs. Anegada separates itself from many other islands in the B.V.I. because of its lack of mountains and densely covered forest, rather, it sits very low to the water (Anegada means “drowned island”). The scarcely developed and low populated island makes for a perfect tranquil retreat with good food to match.

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Best restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by boat

Foxy’s Bar. Image by anoldent

Foxy’s Bar, B.V.I.

A sailing trip to the Caribbean is not complete without a trip to Foxy’s Bar in Jost van Dycke’s Great Harbor. Famous for its legendary New Year’s Eve party, Foxy’s epitomizes the fun and vibrant beach culture of the Caribbean. Enjoy your meal with some home-brewed beer or a cocktail featuring Foxy’s house-made rum while enjoying the sounds of Caribbean, often brought to you by Foxy himself. Afterwards it’s time to hit the dance floor or take a rest on a shaded hammock.

Best restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by boat

Pizza Pi. Image by Carol Bareuther

Pizza Pi, St. Thomas

You’ve heard of food trucks, but what about food boats? If you’re craving NY style pizza while cruising in the Caribbean, hop on your dinghy and head to Pizza Pi. After former Wallstreet worker, Sasha and former special education teacher, Tara moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands, they longed for the taste of home. So they bought a boat, spent two years restoring it, installed a commercial-grade pizza kitchen and learned how to make pizza. Now, Pizza Pi provides hungry yachters with amazing NY style pizza with classic toppings like pepperoni or ones with a more exotic flair like the Mango Mami or one featuring fresh local Caribbean lobster. Anchored in Christmas Cove, you can order your pizza on your boat’s hand radio, pick it up with your dinghy or have it delivered ashore. It’s pizza heaven in paradise.

Caribbean restaurants to visit by boat

D-Boat. Image @ Vimeo

D-Boat, Antigua

Recently opened in 2014, D-Boat offers a full-on Water Entertainment Center. Equipped with water slides, trampolines, rope swings and of course a great bar and restaurant, D-Boat is a place for kids of all ages. The refurbished oil tanker (now party boat) is permanently moored off Maiden Island near the coast of Antigua.

Best restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by boat

Saba Rock. Image by Kansasphoto

Saba Rock, B.V.I.

Located within the Northern Sound of Virgin Gorda, this tiny island (or quite literally a rock) is home to one of the top-ranking watering holes in the Caribbean. A favorite among many celebrities and yachters, Sababa Rock is a great place to lounge on the restaurant’s wrap-around deck during Happy Hour. Before the establishment of Saba Rock’s boutique hotel and restaurant, the island was home to legendary diver, Bert Kilbride, who discovered some 90 shipwrecks in and around the B.V.I.. Be sure to visit the museum showcasing artifacts from shipwrecks discovered by the famous diver after lunch.

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Best restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by boat

View of Peter Island. Image by Mark Goebel

Private Beach Dining on Peter Island, B.V.I.

If you are seeking a truly exclusive dining experience, head to the Peter Island Resort and Spa for a private, candlelit table on the beach. Peter Island is the largest among 60 privately owned islands in the Caribbean and is rich in history and legends. It is believed that the famous pirate, Blackbeard, buried treasure and marooned his men here. However, today Peter Island is one of the most romantic destinations in the world, providing the ultimate in luxury while offering some of the world’s most stunning beaches. The resort offers yachters several other dining options, all serving exceptionally fresh and fine food.

Best restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by boat

Sandy Island Bar. Image by Zemi Beach

Sandy Beach, Anguilla

If you are looking for a peaceful retreat, head to Sandy Beach in Anguilla. What started as a simple BBQ-grill shack and beer cooler has evolved into a splendid, no-frills restaurant where the “no shoes” policy is happily embraced.

Best restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by boat

Restaurante El Cayo. Image by gdbear65

El Cayo in Santiago de Cuba

A short boat ride from the mainland of Santiago you’ll find Restaurante El Cayo where you can savor some traditional Cuban cuisine with great views in a traditional clapboard house that is suspended over the water.

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Best restaurants in the Caribbean to visit by boat

Happy Island. Image by Lee Coursey

BBQ on Happy Island, the Grenadines

This tiny, man-made island just off the coast of Union Island serves as a little oasis for rum-lovers in the Grenadines. Happy Island was created by one man to be exact- Janti Ramage- who made this little piece rum paradise from discarded conch shells in Clifton Harbor. It is completely self-sufficient through the use of solar panels and wind energy. Call-in to see if Janti plans on making a BBQ before you go and enjoy the sunset while sipping a well-crafted rum cocktail.

Try out these restaurants and explore more heavenly islands in the Caribbean on your next sailing holiday. We currently offer boats in the B.V.I., Cuba and Martinique and our continuing to expand. Contact us today for more information.