Best Time to Book a Yacht in Croatia

Die schönsten Strände Kroatiens

Croatia has risen the ranks of popular Mediterranean destinations and is now a real contender, and there are many good reasons for this… or should we say 1,185 reasons. That is the number of islands that are peppered up the immense coastline making it clear why Croatia has become such a popular destination for sailors and why there are so many ways to rent a boat in Croatia.

But, before you pack your sailing gear and head out the door for an amazingboat holiday in Croatia, it would be wise to check the best times to go to Croatia.

Best Time to Go to Croatia

The best time to visit Croatia is between May and October when the temperatures are the warmest and the average rainfall is the lowest giving you more sunny days than any other time in the year. The hottest and driest months are July and August, and consequently, these are also the busiest months for tourist to be in Croatia.

average weather in Croatia chart

Based off the average rainfall and temperature, the best time to book a yacht in Croatia is between May and September.

If you are looking for the optimal time to travel to Croatia with perfect weather and smaller crowds, consider going during the “shoulder seasons” between May and June or between September and October. During these periods, the temperatures are not as extreme but still perfect for enjoying the many beaches, island attractions, and getting some nice sun on the boat.

Best Sailing Routes

The long coastline, huge amount of islands, and excellent winds make Croatia a paradise for sailors. And now that you know the perfect time to go to Croatia, it’s time to decide which part of this expansive coastline you would like to visit.

One of the more popular routes is a 7-day voyage beginning in Split and island hopping off the coast of Dalmatia. You will have a chance to see historic treasures, gorgeous beaches, and the many sun-drenched vineyards on the islands of Central Dalmatia.

The spattering of islands just of the coast of Split is truly a sailors playground and also the reason many routes begin from here. Another option is to sail from Split to Dubrovnik and visit the island towns along the way. Dubrovnik is also a great way to end your trip with its enchanting architecture tucked inside the city’s medieval walls.

Must-see Places

Haven’t decided which sailing route is right for you? Here are a few more must-see attractions you should visit while you are sailing through Croatia to help you plan your approach.

bell tower diocletian's palace split croatia

Diocletian’s Palace makes up the heart of Split and is a must-see place while sailing in Croatia.

Diocletian’s Palace

This UNESCO site is one of the worlds most impressive Roman ruins outside of Italy and, really, in existence. Today, Diocletian’s Palace makes up the heart and soul of central Split. As Drink Tea & Travel said, it’s “a living and breathing part of the city” and not the abandoned ruins you might expect. There, you will find plenty of places to shop, eat, or grab a drink. You don’t want to miss this unique gem.

Hvar Town

Welcome to the sunniest place in the Croatia and the posh stomping grounds of the yacht owners who want to show off what they’ve got. However, away from the luxury and the party scene, you can visit the quaint port town of Jelsa where you will also find cozy swimming coves and sandy beaches to take it easy.


If you have not heard of this historic coastal town, it’s definitely time to include it on your itinerary. Still following its original Roman street plan, Zadar’s ancient marble-clad streets host dazzling Roman ruins that are sure to impress. The most iconic attraction that you can’t miss – it’s literally impossible not to see it – is the mighty circular Church of St. Donat in Dalmatia. Plus, with the bustling cafe scene and lively market, you’ll find plenty of things to do and food to eat.

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