Boat Holiday Insider Tips from the Women of Zizoo

Zizoo Boat Holiday Tips

Boat Holiday Insider Tips from the Women of Zizoo

In honour of International Women’s Day, we asked the women across the different departments of Zizoo to share their best recommendations, destinations and insider boat holiday tips in our top 6 locations. Read on as we introduce you to the women behind the brand and their best boat tips.

Boat Holidays in Croatia

Boat Tips Croatia

Best Time to Visit: July

Recommended Boat to Rent: Hanse 385

Insider Tip: With over 1,000 islands to explore, you’ll be bound by Croatia’s beauty. For an authentic sailing experience, start your trip in Zadar or Biograd and go island hopping around the Kornati Islands. You’ll find wild, yet peaceful islands and stunning waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Ready to charter a yacht in Zadar or rent a boat in Biograd? View more of our yacht charters in Croatia to start planning your summer holiday today.

Boat Holidays in Greece

Boat Tips Greece

Best Time to Visit: September

Recommended Boat to Rent: Oceanis 46

Insider Tip: If you like history, start your sailing trip in the capital of Athens. Transport yourself back to ancient Greece when you visit the Acropolis. Next, set sail and discover the Saronic Gulf, where you can keep on discovering wonderful sites by the coast, both natural and man-made.

Start planning your boat holiday through history in Greece. Book your yacht charter in Greece.

Boat Holidays in Italy

Boat Tips Italy

Best Time to Visit: June

Recommended Boats to Rent: Lagoon 560 or Oceanis 50

Insider Tip: Start your trip in Portisco, Sardinia and sail around the northern Archipelago from La Maddalena to Corsica. You will find beautiful secluded white sand beaches (Bassa Trinita for example on La Maddalena Island) amazing restaurants, especially in La Maddalena town.

See for yourself the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches of this Italian island when you charter a yacht in Italy.

Boat Holidays in Spain

Boat Tips Spain

Best Time to Visit: September

Recommended Boat to Rent: Dufour 412 Grand Large

Insider Tip: Want to combine adventurous boat vacations and laidback island life? Mallorca is a perfect choice. Enjoy the peaceful sights of Mallorca while sailing sail along the beautiful yet rugged coastline. Drop anchor in Coil de Baix at the northeast side of the island. Here there is a beautiful bay with a small beach where tourists are rarely seen.

Book your boat holiday in Mallorca and sail off the beaten path to experience all that island life has to offer.

Boat Holidays in Turkey

Boat Tips Turkey

Best Time to Visit: May

Recommended Boat to Rent: A traditional custom-built gulet

Insider Tip: My perfect boat holiday would be on a newly modelled gulet starting off in Bodrum or Marmaris with a large group of friends. I find it the perfect thing to do as a group since most gulets are crewed (meaning: no stress!) and equipped with water sports equipment (meaning: guaranteed fun).

Ready to get on board with family and friends? Feel like a true captain at sea when you rent a traditional gulet in Turkey.

Boat Holidays in the Caribbean

Boat Tips CaribbeanBest Time to Visit: May

Recommended Boat to Rent: Lagoon 52

Insider Tip: Cruise the Caribbean on a catamaran. Wake up to the sound of the sea and marvel at the infamous turquoise water. Be sure to bring your family and friends along! This catamaran sleeps up to 14 people. Begin your trip in Marlin Marina Cienfuegos and sail to Cuba for memories that will last far longer than your suntan!

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Take a Boat Holiday with Zizoo

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