2021 Boat Holiday Trends: The Most Popular Destinations for US Travelers

popular destinations for us travelers

The 2021 travel season may not be in full swing yet, but we at Zizoo already have a good idea about which destinations will be this year’s most popular – and we’re happy to share our insights into the latest boat holiday trends right here on the Magazine.

2021 boat holiday trends: Top 10 destinations for US travelers

Interpreting the data: Hot, beachy escapes dominate the chart

While there’s a clear desire for balmy weather and the promise of sunshine, this year many — but by no means all — US travelers are sticking with domestic holiday destinations.

Topping the charts for the most requested boat holiday destinations among US travelers is in fact the US. Within the country, Key West, Florida is the most popular spot; the island’s domestic appeal, palm-lined beaches, and off-beat charm make it a favorite sailing locale.

US travelers with their sights set on international boat holidays tend still to go for relatively close-by destinations, with five of the top 10 locations being Caribbean countries.

However, with Greece, Seychelles, and the ever-popular Croatia on the list, it would appear that a good number of US travelers would like to set sail on boat holidays further abroad this year.

How we got the data: The Zizoo Boat Index

Zizoo is the leading global boat rental platform, offering more than 30,000 boats across 500 destinations worldwide. By recording requested destinations, Zizoo is able to provide insights into travel trends across the nautical industry.       

The data presented above is based on a search period from December 2020 until February 2021. It includes searches from US travelers looking for boat holidays worldwide.                                    

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