Catamaran Sailing Holidays – Why Do We Love Them?

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From Lagoon catamarans to Nautitech cruisers, catamaran charter holidays are more popular every year. But why?


Picture yourself on a luxury yacht.

Imagine lying in the net of a catamaran, gliding through the crisp water and feeling the warm sun blast down from above.

Imagine preparing a delicious seafood lunch in a spacious kitchen, and then indulging in this summer spread on a huge deck with all your family and friends.

These experiences – and many others – are why catamaran holidays are one of our favourite types.

If you’re still unsure of which boat type is right for you, let us be on team catamaran for a moment.

We’re going to explain exactly why you should rent a catamaran for your next holiday.


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A catamaran sailing holiday is the perfect mix of relaxation, comfort and safety.


  • Catamarans are user-friendly; they don’t require as much experience as a sailing boat, so those who are less confident with sailing a yacht will be more comfortable at the helm of a catamaran.
  • However, while they may be harder to capsize, and while you can always choose between sailing or motoring, you do still need a certain amount of experience to sail a catamaran. Having a skipper sail for you takes all the stress out of your holiday.
  • Because of their monohull, catamarans are safe, stable and relaxing. So if you’re sailing with a passenger who gets seasick, a catamaran is your best bet for smooth sailing.
  • Catamarans are perfect for families and large groups, as they offer a luxurious and spacious social area. They also sit lower to sea level and most have a ladder reaching into the sea, making water activities more accessible.
  • Catamarans are social boats, but they also provide guests with more privacy. More space in the cabins and private bathrooms means you and your crew won’t be cramped.
  • Catamarans have a small draft. This means you can anchor closer to beaches or shallow bays, and have more freedom to drop anchor where you please.
  • The luxury catamaran experience doesn’t have to be at a luxury cost. Catamarans may seem like the more expensive choice, but they’re not always going to break the bank. For example, the average catamaran can sleep 12 people. The average cost of a catamaran for one week is €3000. Divide €3000 by 12 and you get €250. That’s just €250 per person for one whole week… not too bad, right?


Whether you decide to charter a catamaran in Greece, Croatia, Turkey, or anywhere else in the world, we’re sure you’ll have an incredible seaside escape.


The comfort and luxury experienced when you charter a catamaran puts them in high demand every season. Luckily, we have a fantastic selection of catamarans to rent for next year, so book a catamaran charter for 2016 now to take advantage of our super early bird discounts!