Top 10: Cheap Holiday Destinations

Here’s the thing about cheap travel deals…

Holidays are always so expensive, right?

Wrong. They don’t have to be.

Girl on a yacht week holiday

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a cheap holiday destination and a low cost holiday. It does exist.

And just because the price tag of your favourite holiday destination may be out of your league, doesn’t mean you can’t still travel there.

The trick is to find the hidden gems, the secret holiday locations where food is cheap, transport is affordable and the sun never sets.

Budget travel is now more competitive and more attainable than ever, so let us guide you through the cheapest travel destinations to ensure you select the best spot for your next incredible sailing holiday.

If you’re on the hunt for coastal paradise on a budget, look no further.

Here’s our ultimate list of cheap holiday destinations around the world.

Corfu, Greece

Boats in Corfu, Greece

Due to Greece’s lingering economic crisis, the cost of travel in this beautiful country is significantly less than most of Europe. Avoid the well-known, mainstream destinations and you’ll be relaxing in affordable holiday heaven.

On beautiful Corfu, you can bask on some of the world’s best beaches for free and buy a bed and a meal for less than €20. Getting to Corfu is also very affordable – as long as you find the best travel deals – and, once you’re there, experiencing the island’s true Greek culture, impressive fortresses and stunning city architecture is incredible cheap.

On Corfu, an entire meal of traditional Greek cuisine can often be found for as little as €6 per person. Cheap flights to Corfu, Greece are often priced at as little as €70.

Brac, Croatia

Beaches in Brac, Croatia

Croatia continues to solidify its place among Spain, Greece and France as one of the top summer holiday destinations. Despite its proximity to Split, Brac is much less visited than its popular neighbours, Hvar and Korcula. Brac is a relatively dry and rocky island, with gorgeous rolling hills, fig trees, olive groves and secluded bays with crystal clear water perfect for scuba diving.

Dinners out in Brac will cost you just €4 to €6 per person, and its proximity to Split is also what makes Brac one of Croatia’s cheapest holiday destinations; book a cheap flight to Split for just €47, pick up your boat from the excellent Split marina and sail on over to island paradise.

Tenerife, Spain

Sailing holiday in Tenerife Spain

Although it sits well over a thousand kilometres from the southern coast of Spain in the North Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife – with its year-round perfect climate, beautiful volcanic archipelago and bustling island towns – is actually a much more affordable holiday destination than most might think.

Most travellers flock to the south-western resorts of Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje, but in amongst the boutique hotels and manicured beaches lie hidden gems that even the mot cost-savvy of us can afford. Devour traditional Spanish cuisine for only €7 or €8 per person, and book a cheap flight to Tenerife for just €135 round trip.

Lefkada, Greece

Beaches in Lefkada Greece

Greece is one of the most underrated budget travel destinations in Europe. Scattered among its sapphire seas are a number of islands where luxury holidays are possible at budget travel prices. Due to Lefkada’s non-commercial and laidback nature, the cost of travelling here is significantly less than the more popular Greek Islands, like Mykonos and Santorini.

However, some of the most spectacular beaches in Greece are sitting on the west coast of Lefkada, just waiting to be explored. Rolling hills lead to picturesque towns where inviting and hospitable locals await.

Delicious, home-cooked taverna meals can be found all over the island starting at just €6 to €9 per person. Flights to Lefkada, Greece start at around €99 per person.

Phuket, Thailand

Beaches in Phuket Thailand

We all know those people who jet-set towards Phuket in search of extravagant spa sessions, a high-end dining scene and glamorous nightclubs. But don’t let the visitors of Phuket and their affinity for luxury scare you off. Although Phuket has long been one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations, it is easy to avoid the tourist traps and discover the best travel deals.

Sail north to Khoa Sok National Park for the real jungle experience. Sail east and discover the incredible Phang Nga Bay. You can still find those hidden gems amongst the vibrant nightlife of Patong Beach.

Traditional Thai street food will cost you just €2 to €4 per person, and your average dinner at an restaurant in Phuket will cost around €6 to €9 per person. Cheap flights to Phuket generally start at around €279 round trip.

Lisbon, Portugal

Sailing in Lisbon, Portugal

A beautiful rolling hillside and a laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere are two aspects of Lisbon’s character that keep the travellers coming back. Lisbon’s bright cityscape is made up of impressive monasteries, excellent museums and cathedrals, and secret alleyways just waiting to be explored.

Lisbon is a cheap city to visit, but the nearby areas are also affordable holiday destinations in Spain. Cascais – an old fishing village turned summertime playground – has an affordable nightlife and dining scene, and Oeiras – another beach haven ideal for travellers on a budget – offers an abundance of affordable maritime activities.

An average dinner out in Lisbon will cost you around €7 to €10 per person, and cheap flights to Lisbon, Portugal can generally be booked from as little as €89 both ways.

Split, Croatia

Sailing holiday in Split, Croatia

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and one of the most popular Adriatic destinations for travellers. However, this doesn’t mean it has to burn a hole through your pocket.

In Split, you’ll find plenty of affordable bars, restaurants, boutiques and shops scattered amongst the ancient walls and streets. Split acts as the economic core of the eastern Adriatic shoreline, so there are plenty of fantastic marinas and resources here, all competing for the most attractive prices. Split is perfectly nestled in the dramatic coastal mountains, and the picturesque coastline and off-shore islands – Hvar, Brac and Vis are some of the most popular – are ideal for sailing. Cheap flights to Split generally start at just €47 per person.

Bodrum, Turkey

Sailing holiday in Bodrum, Turkey

Beautiful Bodrum is known as the home of sailing in Turkey. Idyllic seaside resorts, a thriving nightlife, and glimmering, white sand beaches create an atmosphere perfect for a sailing holiday.

What’s even better? It’s not going to cost your life savings.

From global backpackers to Europe’s elite crowd, over a million travellers from all over the world come to stay in Bodrum each year, so there is certainly availability and access for all types of visitors. The cost of travel in Turkey is relatively cheap, and Bodrum’s bustling Old Town and unspoilt natural beauty make it one of the most beautiful and affordable Turkish destinations.

Eating out in Bodrum will cost you, on average, anywhere from €4 to €10 per person, and cheap flights to Bodrum, Turkey generally cost around €65 per person.

Denia, Spain

Sailing holiday in Denia, Spain

Sitting halfway between Alicante and Valencia, Denia is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in Spain. The gorgeous beaches and excellent coastline attracts travellers from all over the globe, and Denia’s fantastic location allows access to some of Spain’s best sailing spots off the coast, namely Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.

Nearby Valencia – a bustling port city on Spain’s southeastern ‘Orange Blossom Coast’ – and Benidorm – a coastal town known for its long beaches and high skyscrapers – are also some of the cheapest holiday destinations in Spain and definitely should not be missed while travelling the area.

A reasonable meal out in Denia starts at around €9 per person, and cheap flights to Denia will cost about €99 per person.

Sicily, Italy

Favignana Island, Sicily, Italy

Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is a melting pot of cultures and one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Italy.

Here, where the mountains meet the sea, you’ll find excellent Mediterranean cuisine and an exciting array of things to do, all at affordable prices. Cefalu, a city in the Palermo Province, is one of the cheapest holiday spots on the island and, although it fills up during the summer months, the cost of travel here is cheap and the coastline is fantastic.

In Sicily, you can expect to pay around €22 for a day’s worth of incredible cuisine, and cheap flights to Palermo, Spain usually cost around €65 per person.

With a bit of strategic planning and a willingness to search for the best travel deals, booking a cheap sailing holiday in these dream destinations is totally achievable. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the website and book now before all the best summer deals are gone!

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