Group Holidays: Sailing With friends

Boat Holidays in Ibiza: Which Yacht is Right For You?

Holidays in groups are an amazing way to travel.

Sailing with friends to one of your dream holiday destinations is sure to be the trip of a lifetime.

Picture yourself gliding through crystal clear water, visiting the best beaches in the world and unwinding in front of hypnotic orange sunsets. Imagine island hopping all day long and cooking indulgent meals with friends and family in a secluded bay somewhere far, far away.

Sounds perfect, right?

Planning a group holiday to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations can seem like an impossible task, but it may not be as difficult as you think.

So you want to book a group sailing trip with 25 people? 50 people? 100 people?

Guess what? It’s easy.

Corporate sailing events

Holidays in groups can be planned with ease. If you’re part of a group looking for an alternative and memorable vacation, you’ve come to the right place.

You name it, we’ve booked it.

-Holidays with family groups

-Getaways with friends

-Corporate events

-Bachelor and bachelorette groups

-Sports team travel

-Student groups

-Senior groups

-Luxury group travel

-Yacht club travel

And here’s how we make it happen…

One of the most exciting aspects of yacht charters and boat rentals is the mono-fleets. If you want to book a sailing holiday with a large group of friends, we can set you up with a fleet of boats that are all identical – the same base marina, same condition, same year, same owner and even the same sails – so that your group can have an incredible holiday on the seas together.

Simply get in touch and let us know you’re interested, or check out our group holiday boats here.

It’s as easy as that.

group holiday luxury catamaran

Is there a better feeling than laying on the deck of a motor yacht or catamaran on a warm summer night and gazing up at a star-filled sky? We don’t think so.

Now, combine this feeling with the fact that your yacht is moored next to five other sailing boats carrying 30 of your favourite people.


Booking a group sailing trip on a fleet of bareboat or crewed yachts is completely customisable. Everything will be taken care of by our awesome team so that you and your group can step aboard and instantly relax.

Gliding through the Mediterranean on a group sailing holiday is here.

So book your fleet, head to the marina, pick up your boats and set sail on the group holiday of a lifetime.