Guest Post: Romance and Sailing

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What could be more romantic than drifting off to sea towards a tropical paradise with your soulmate? Our guest blogger, Louise, attempts to explain the allure and the afflictions of sailing the seven seas with her significant other in the latest installment of our guest blogger series. You can learn more about life aboard a boat in Louise’s blog, Sandy Toes and Writer Woes and find out what its like to be a sailing cat, in her successful blog, Bailey Boat Cat. Grab your loved one and set sail while discovering heavenly islands in our Top 10 most romantic sailing destinations.   

romantic sailing

If you dream of dazzling sunsets in picturesque bays with a glass of something bubbly whilst you snuggle the one you love, you can call yourself a romantic like me. These moments are absolutely breathtaking and quite often, once in a lifetime experiences. They are also few and far between unfortunately, thanks to weather, maintenance, or other factors, so make sure you really do take time to enjoy and appreciate them when they arise.


I have to admit that a very high percentage of the time I would happily…well, kill is a very strong word…throw my other half over board! In such close quarters it’s almost inevitable that small annoying things will start to grate after a while. It’s also healthy to discuss these things and try to laugh when one or both of you are frustrated. Whilst sailing as a couple, it’s imperative that one of you takes the role of captain and delegates. It’s also important for the captain to remember that they are still talking to their loved one, not a slave. From personal observations it’s often the male partner that’s the captain, but there are many very capable female captains out there too.

romantic sailing

My captain and I have devised some very simple hand signals that we use to communicate when one of us is at the bow and the other person is in the cockpit. Nobody wants to be the couple that’s screaming at each other as they come into an anchorage. I’ve witnessed a few fireworks between couples as they’ve spectacularly miscommunicated and ended up in less than desirable situations. (Too close to another boat or rocks, pulling up someone else’s anchor, hitting the bottom etc.) If you take your time and communicate well, these issues shouldn’t arise.

romantic sailing

One of the most unromantic things on an average size sailboat is the complete and utter lack of privacy. We met a young Norwegian couple once that introduced us to the idea of the cone of silence. When one of you is in the head nothing can be heard (or smelt) outside. This also works when an irate captain is demanding something from outside the door. If you’re in the bathroom (head) then you can’t hear anything. Magically it sometimes helps to call out, ‘Cone of silence’ if there’s some kind of interference! We adopted this technique aboard our boat because I for one, prefer not to discuss my bowel movements with my partner. If this does not faze you though, you can take comfort in the fact that there really are no secrets on a sailboat!


I’ve heard many seasoned cruisers proclaim that a year on a sailboat together equals several years on land together. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. You will get to know your partner much faster and much more in depth on a sailboat than on land. During storms or the inevitable breakdown or malfunction of something vital, you will have to work together to find a solution. You have to learn how to function as a team and when you achieve something together it will hopefully all seem worth it.

After all the buildup and anticipation to get to your own pocket of paradise, if you make it there together and in one piece, a sailboat is truly the most romantic place in the world to spend time with your love.