Which Boat is Right for Me?

Bavaria Yachtcharter: Warum wir sie lieben

Thinking of booking a boat holiday and wondering, “which boat is right for me?”. American automotive technician Bill Bender, owner of Independent Motors in Boulder, Colorado, can help. He says the right boat for your holiday has everything to do with your own personality … which he can assess simply by looking at what you drive. 

What Boat is Right for You? We Can Tell You By the Car You Drive

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-3-37-56-pmIt’s amazing what creatures of habit we all are.

The things we do in one area of our lives are often reliable indicators of our preferences in other areas of our lives. I’ve seen this first-hand as an auto technician. After 23 years of working with generations of car owners, I’ve picked up on some interesting patterns of behavior.

Subaru drivers, for example, often tend to share certain preferences. When someone comes into the shop with a Subaru Outback, I can pretty reliably guess where they buy their coffee, what local brewery is their favorite, or whether they prefer big dogs to small dogs to cats.

Same goes for Jeep owners, or people who have driven BMWs exclusively all their lives, or people who are loyal to Toyota.

So, that means there is a very good chance that the vehicle you are driving right now can tell you something about what kind of boat would be perfect for your holiday.

This might not be an exact science, but if you are thinking of booking your first-ever boat holiday and don’t know where to start, try looking in your garage first.

Carbuyer recently came out with its list of the best-selling vehicles in the UK, so we can use that list to frame our analysis.

If you drive any of the seven vehicles below (and, statistically, many of you do), then read on to find the boat that’s right for you.

If you drive a Vauxhall Astra

which boat is right for me

…you’re looking for a little something extra. The Astra’s recent redesign finds the newer models appealing to buyers who seek a touch of style to what is otherwise an efficient, sensible ride. Indulge that side of yourself when booking a boat holiday and opt for a sailboat.

You can find affordable options in the 10-meter range (such as this Bavaria Cruiser in Athens) while still appealing to the part of your brain that lights up at the thought of sailing up into the Aegean.

If you drive a MINI

which boat is right for me

…you’re committed to an aesthetic and you embrace the sheer fun of driving. Go for a speedboat. These needn’t be prohibitively expensive (here’s a classic speedboat you can rent around Zadar for about 150 pounds / day), and you’ll get the chance to open up the boat in open water to make the most of your holiday sightseeing plans.

If you drive a VW Golf

which boat is right for me…you’re a social chameleon who can be at home anywhere, and you value reliability in what you drive. A catamaran would be perfect for you because those boats appeal to so many groups of people.

Girls-only holiday? Exploring the islands off the Dalmatian coast? A relaxing week with the family? Honeymoon? A catamaran provides an open platform that will accommodate everything from the most intense relaxing to the most adventurous spirits.

If you drive a Ford Fiesta hatchback

which boat is right for me

…you love having something that’s fun to drive while also remaining safe, sensible and useful for everyday driving. You’ll want to look into a motorboat. That way, you’ll have room for a significant other or a couple of friends, and you’ll be able to get speed when it’s called for out in the open water.

If you drive a Nissan Qashqai

which boat is right for me…you value practicality and sensibility. The Qashqai is among the best options for families right now. You’ll want to look into a motorboat, too, but have a bias toward the larger boats — say 15 meters and up. This will give you and the family room to experience an incredible holiday, while also having the space to not be right on top of each other the whole time.

Something along the lines of the Ferretti 52, a four-cabin motorboat that’s got a homeport just above Split, Croatia, would be a good fit.

If you drive an Audi A3

which boat is right for me…you understand the value of trading up for quality and luxury. Go for the sailboat, and don’t settle for anything less than a 15-meter boat. This is a class of boats where you can go from affordable (for example, this Bavaria Cruiser in Greece) to downright jaw-dropping if you like (for example, it’s hard to do much better than this Jeanneau 57).

If you drive a Mercedes C-Class

which boat is right for me…you don’t feel diffident about using words like “refined,” nor are you shy about making the absolute most of your holiday. If you go for anything other than a gulet, then you’re doing it wrong.

These are obviously the most exclusive options, but you can find boats around Croatia and Turkey that will cost you and your guests less than 100 pounds per person per day.

Let Zizoo help you find the perfect boat that fits your needs and personality.