Our Promise to Our Customers

our promise

Covid-19 had and still has a huge impact on all of us, be it personal or business related. With the growing numbers of vaccinations and the ongoing openings for touristic travels, we at Zizoo believe that holiday makers are able to catch up on every missed journey from last year and go on unforgettable vacations  – take revenge for your missed holidays.

We see a silver lining in the gradual reduction of current travel restrictions and want to bring the joy of boat holidays back to our customers. Therefore, we make a promise to you: We are here to ensure your SAFETY, HOLIDAY FLEXIBILITY and REFUND OPTIONS.


First and foremost, your safety is our priority. We want you to enjoy a wonderful time on a boat while being as carefree as possible. It is our wish that you return home from your journey at sea as relaxed and full of amazing memories from your boat holiday as possible. So, we guarantee you that all Zizoo boats meet high standards in hygiene and disinfection. Our charter partners insure that all boats adhere to industry cleaning standards and that they vigilantly follow the recommendations of local authorities


As we all had to learn the hard way that planning a trip during a pandemic is very difficult, we offer our clients flexibility with a one-time reschedule option. This option is available if your booking is in a country where you cannot enter by law due to changes in COVID-19 related  travel restrictions, and in case of one or more of the following:

  • An International travel ban is set in your country, preventing you from travel outside of your country


We know that sometimes life, or COVID, simply gets in the way, and your travel plans must be cancelled. Should this happen, we offer you the ability to upgrade your booking to make it FULLY REFUNDABLE. As unforeseen situations arise and emergencies such as injuries and illnesses can occur, this option allows you to make your booking 100% refundable. For more information please read here.

Have a question about an existing booking?

Customers with existing bookings who are concerned about their upcoming trips are advised to contact the charter partner directly as cases vary depending on the location and local government recommendations. Zizoo is here to support you with this communication if needed. Feel free to contact your sales agent or get in touch with our team at customers@zizooboats.com.

Find out where you can travel safely right now: