Life Happens — Refund Terms for When You Can’t Make Use of Your Booking

We know that sometimes, life happens — unforeseen situations can arise and emergencies may occur that force you to cancel your plans. That’s why we at Zizoo are very happy to now offer new terms for refundable bookings as an upgrade to our standard refund policy (found here: 5. Cancellation policy and changes).

What’s Included?

With these optional refund terms, which can be added to a booking at the price of 10% of the total booking value, travelers can get back 100% of their booking costs (including the added 10%!) if they are unable to travel due to any of the following reasons:

·   Illness / Injury
·   Pre-existing Medical Condition
·   Pregnancy Complication
·   Death of Immediate Family
·   Adverse Weather
·   Home Emergency
·   Theft of Documents
·   Public Transport Failure
·   Flight disruption
·   Mechanical Breakdown
·   Relocated for Work
·   Changes to Examination Date

Further cancellation reasons that are also covered, as well as the full details of the terms, can be found here:

How much does it cost to add the refund terms and how can I include them in my booking?

When you book a boat with Zizoo, we will automatically offer the refund terms as part of the booking process, included in the breakdown of your individual costs. The price to include the terms is calculated at 10% of your total booking costs. Of course, it’s your choice to include the refund terms or not.

What’s next?

Book a boat holiday with the refund terms. Hopefully, everything works out and you get to have your unforgettable sailing trip! But just in case life happens and you’re forced to cancel, you’ve still got 100% of your booking costs to go ahead and plan a new boat holiday.

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