Spend Quality Time Sailing with your Family

Perfect Day on a Family Sailing Holiday

Contrary to popular belief, taking a vacation with kids (even young kids!) really can still feel like a vacation — relaxing, fun, and memorable in the best possible way. In fact, you can expect all that and more when you go on a family sailing holiday.

What makes a boat holiday a great family vacation?

  • Quality family time: Together, you’ll discover the bliss of a boat holiday and engage with your destination. Plus, being on a boat is the perfect setting to unplug from life’s distractions and reconnect as a family.
  • Action and activities: Between sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and paddle boarding — plus biking, hiking, and exploring the area — there’s no chance your kids will say “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do.”
  • Exciting new experiences: What could be better than trying new things or discovering something beautiful (like a hidden beach or majestic waterfall) as a family?
  • There’s something for everyone: The kids have their fun activities and daily adventures, while the parents have everything they’d want from a vacation, too, like time to relax, privacy, and even a romantic setting.
perfect day family holidays

Sound good so far? Let us paint you a picture of a what a day on a sailboat with your family could look like:

A perfect day on a family sailing holiday


The family wakes up to the sound of waves lapping against the boat. The sun is already shining and the kids are excited for the day ahead.

The whole family prepares and enjoys a leisurely breakfast together and decides how to spend the day.  


The kids insist on going swimming, while Mom and Dad want to visit some local ruins they’ve read about. So, the family sails toward the site and finds a lovely cove where the kids can jump into the water right from the boat.

After their swim, the family heads to shore where they rent bicycles to go visit the site.


On their way back, Dad spots a beautiful restaurant on the beach and they decide it’s the perfect spot for lunch — and it is. The food is local, fresh, and excellently prepared.

Done eating, the kids go looking for crabs and seashells while the parents finish their meal and enjoy the view.   


After lunch, the family heads back to the boat, where the youngest takes a nap, Mom reads her book, and Dad teaches the older kid his best fishing techniques.

father fishing perfect day on a sailing holiday with family


With the day drawing to an end, the family gets to see a spectacular sunset as they cook dinner. While they eat, they reflect on their day together.

The family finishes the day by reading a chapter aloud from the kids’ favorite book series.


The kids are sleeping peacefully in their cabin, tired out from a day full of fun activities and exciting experiences.

With the deck all to themselves, Mom and Dad enjoy a bottle of wine under a breathtaking starry night sky.

family holiday on boat at night

Plan the ideal family vacation

The best part about the above “perfect day on a family holiday” scenario? It’s realistic. And if it sounds like something you’d be interested in for your family, there are plenty of excellent family-friendly boat holidays for you to check out.

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Never been sailing before? No problem — you can always choose to sail with a professional skipper for your family vacation.

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