Rent a Boat For a Day

Boot für einen Tag mieten
Toutes les choses à savoir sur la location de bateau à la journée

Spending a single day at sea can make your trip one you’ll never forget. You can relax at the bow of a sailboat, speed along shore on a motorboat, or glide in a catamaran and get a completely new perspective on your destination. Day trips on the water can allow you to relax and break up a busy itinerary, or, for new sailors, get a taste of what boat travel can feel like. We’ve rounded up a list of answers to your most frequently asked questions when it comes to booking to make it easy to rent a boat for a day.

Here’s our rent a boat for a day – guide:

1. How do I go about renting a boat?
First off, count how many people will be in your group. Keep in mind that a small, non-licensed motorboat can’t accommodate more than five passengers at a time. If you’re a large party of at least ten people, look for a boat of at least 30 feet. When debating whether or not to hire a skipper, remember that if you have an EU license, it will be valid in every European country. And, go and book your boat and optional extras on Zizoo.

2. What do I need to bring on board?
Your ID, sunscreen, and a swimsuit! If you’re renting a bareboat, bring a valid navigation license. Take a look at our sailing preparation checklist to make sure you will not forget anything for your next amazing holiday at sea.

3. Can I add a captain?
Of course, if you don’t have a licence or you just want to enjoy the ride without any responsibilites – rent your boat for a day with a skipper. Just let us know in the online booking or chat with our holiday planners.

4. What do I bring when I arrive at the marina?
A charter will contact you in advance so you’ll be prepared for check-in. For a rundown of necessary documents, read on here.

5. How far in advance do I need to book a boat?
If you’re planning to sail during the high season – July to August – you should rent it with at least two weeks notice. Generally, however, you can rent a boat any time of the year. Good deals on last minute trips typically only pop up 24 hours beforehand.

6. How much will it cost, on average?
Prices range from 300€ to 2,500€, and can vary based on the marina you sail from, and type of boat you select. A 30ft motorboat for eight people in Ibiza, would cost 700€ + VAT. The same boat in Menorca, however, could cost 500€ + VAT.

7. Can I reserve catering?
You can hire a hostess and chef, and order food to the marina in advance if you’d like. Reach out to the Zizoo holiday planner and let them know what you’d like. Here’s more information about extras on offer.

8 Can I bring my pet along?
Yes! You may need to pay a bit extra, though. 

9. How long will the day trip last?
Day trips usually start around 11 in the morning, and go until 7 in the evening (8 hours total). Depending on where you are, you may miss the sunset as gas stations tend to close around 8pm.

10. Would kids enjoy it?

11. How many guests can I bring with me? 
So, that of course depends on the size of the boat you select. Keep in mind the difference between the number of guests and the ‘berth’ of a boat. The term ‘berth’ refers to the number of passengers who can sleep on board, which may differ from the number of guests you bring along for a day ride.

12. Can I plan a special event onboard, like a birthday or anniversary?
Yes! Boat trips are a great way to celebrate special occasions, as you have maximum privacy and can include a sizable group of attendees even if you rent a boat for just a day.

13. What types of boats can I book for a day rental?
People mainly book motorboats, speedboats, and RIBS. The most common choices are motors boats (no cabin, but a larger sunbathing area) and speedboats. Sailboats and catamarans are also available for day bookings; catamarans are perfect for larger groups. 

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