“Revenge Travel” – We will be travelling again!

revenge travel

Corona. Quarantine. Lockdown. Social Distancing – Buzzwords that have been with us for months and put our travel plans in 2020 on hold. With the start of vaccinations and the tightened measures to contain the pandemic, travellers will soon be able to catch up on everything that was not possible in 2020. The industry expects a significant turnaround for the summer of 2021!

The so-called “Revenge Travel”:

“The idea here that people are so angry that they have been in lockdown for so long that they feel a sense of revenge — the revenge to travel again.” Skift, Dec. 2020

What sounds like an aggressive declaration of war, rather is an optimistic look into the future and the anticipation of planning the next holiday. A rush on travel offers is expected.

Reward yourself for the long endured lockdown and book your next boating holiday.