Sail Turkey: 7 Days From Göcek

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Sail Turkey with this 7-day sailing route around the stunning Turquoise Coast

Visiting Turkey may not be the most obvious choice for a sailing holiday, but yacht charters in Turkey are becoming more popular each year.

The beautiful beaches, endless scenic views and friendly locals are all part of Turkey’s allure. Bodrum, Dalaman, Marmaris Fethiye and Göcek are just some of the popular holiday destinations in Turkey.

This week, we’re bringing you the perfect sailing route from the charming town of Göcek. This 7-day sailing route is one of our favourite Turkey holiday itineraries.

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Day 1 – Arrival in Göcek

Göcek sits on the lower south-western corner of the Turquoise Coast, and is easily accessed by Dalaman airport. Göcek is favoured by sailors and lovers of the Turkish Riviera scene, and less so by mainstream tourists.

A stopping point on many ‘Blue Voyage’ routes, Göcek has moved away from its traditional roots to become a high-class holiday destination. With phenomenal nature and glorious coastal waters to boot, Göcek is one of the Mediterranean’s top spots.

Spend your first morning exploring the town, gathering all the necessary provisions for the week and then board your boat at check-in time.

Day 2 – From Göcek to Kapi Creek, 8 Nautical miles

Wake to a glorious sunrise and head to one of the most beautiful anchorage points along this area of coast, Kapi Creek. Anchor here for the night, relax, go swimming and enjoy bathing in the crystal clear turquoise water.

Day 3 – From Kapi Creek to Cold Water Bay, 12 Nautical miles

Today you’ll sail from Kapi Creek to Cold Water Bay, a stunning bay with fresh water springs that push cool, refreshing water up through the rocky seabed. A quick 10-minute tender ride will bring you to the Gemiler adasi, an ancient sunken town dating back to the Byzantine era. You can also take a short walk up behind Cold Water Bay to see Kaya Köy, an abandoned Greek village.

Day 4 – From Cold Water Bay to Kas, 25 Nautical miles

Sailing to Kas from Cold Water Bay is one of the longer stretches on this route, but it’s well worth it. Kas is a bustling town with a great harbour and there are a variety of quality stores and restaurants available, so you can stock the boat or spend a night indulging in local cuisine in town.

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Day 5 – From Kas to Kalkan, 15 Nautical miles

Today, a shorter sail from Kas will bring you to the beautiful beachside town of Kalkan. Here, you’ll have plenty of options for daily excursions, such as visiting the ancient sites of Thlos, Xanthos and Patara, or getting adventurous with watersports and scuba diving. Choose to dine at a rooftop restaurant with a picturesque view of the harbour, or anchor in one of the peaceful, quiet bays across from Kalkan.

Day 6 – From Kalkan to Sarsala Koyu, 8 Nautical miles

Your next destination, Sarsala Koyu, is a lovely quaint bay with a restaurant run by a local family. This area is full of perfect swimming and snorkelling spots, and acts as the ideal location to unwind in.

Day 7 – From Sarsala Koyu to Göcek, 5 Nautical miles

Day 7 is a short sail across the bay to arrive back in Göcek for your last evening. You can stop along the way at places like Yassica or Boynuz Bükü and enjoy a swim in the glistening turquoise ocean. Return to the charter base in the afternoon and prepare for one last evening in the charming town of Göcek.

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Day 8 – Final day in Göcek

After departing your vessel in the morning, a short walk around Göcek will be a peaceful way to unwind after your week at sea. Known for its exclusivity as a destination for luxury yachts, many people treat Göcek as a place to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the Turkish coastline away from the busy crowds. So jump off the boat, explore this idyllic town and walk off those sea legs!

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