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A sailing holiday in Sweden is a unique way to enjoy this scenic country, which offers diverse coastlines and excellent conditions for a boat trip. Cruise the Baltic Sea to the east of Sweden, and visit the island of Gotland and Öland with their lush green landscapes or sail up the Gulf of Bothnia, stopping at the colorful port city of Örnsköldsvik. Enjoy these sights and more when you charter a yacht in Sweden.

  • The capital city of Stockholm
  • Gotland Island
  • The Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia
Quick Info

Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), Gothenburg-Landvetter (GOT)

Boat base locations
Lidingö, Gothenburg

Stockholm Archipelago, Historic Visby on Gotland, the Isle of Öland

Best time to sail
June – September

Swedish Krona

Language spoken
Swedish, English

Things to do and see when sailing in Sweden



  • Among the major attractions in Sweden is the capital of Stockholm. The city is distinguished by its unique makeup of 14 islands and offers a wide range of cultural attractions and historic sites.
  • Make sure to step inside Storkyrkan, Stockholm’s cathedral.
  • You may also want to visit the Modern Museum before hopping on to your chartered yacht in Stockholm.
  • Not far from the city is the Stockholm Archipelago. It is the best place to explore Sweden’s natural beauty while experiencing the warmth of the Swedish people and the wealth of their culture.
  • Sailing around the 24,000 islands and inlets that make up the Stockholm archipelago is an experience like no other.
  • Visit the picturesque lighthouse of Landsort and the art exhibition spaces at Artipelag during your sailing holiday in Sweden. 

Sail out to the island of Gotland. In the medieval town of Visby, you can explore its historic center with its distinctive architectural treasures such as the Sankta Maria Kyrka Cathedral. As you explore the island by boat, stop at the famous beaches between Ljugarn and Sjaustrehammaren on the eastern coast. Bakfickan and Lilla Bjers Gårdskrog are two authentic restaurants near the port at Visby. 

Diving is also quite popular around the island of Gotland. Explore shipwrecks and the natural world underwater with Visby Dykcenter. Also enjoy sailing the Gulf of Bothnia for stunning views of wild landscapes, especially as you head towards Örnsköldsvik, where it’s sometimes possible to catch the Northern Lights. On the old fishing island of Ulvön (Wolf Island) you can go hiking or visit bathing spots only accessible by boat.


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Sailing conditions

While you will experience colder temperatures the further north you go, in the summer, Stockholm enjoys temperatures that frequently reach the low- to mid-20s with water temperatures of 18°C or so. Visby is roughly the same with winds in the area, but are sometimes strong in the summer. Tides are not a particular concern and remain at consistent levels with calm seas keeping waves reasonably low too.

Average temperatures in Sweden
Average temperatures in Sweden
Sailing Conditions
  • The waters that surround Sweden are usually calm and make for a pleasant sailing holiday.
  • You’ll only need to watch for stronger gusts between the narrow passages that snake around the islands.
  • There are generally few hazards to be aware of, except for some rocky areas around the archipelago.
  • Berthing is also easy here, with many buoys available at the major ports.
  • If you need help, you can also take advantage of booking a skipper together with your Sweden sailing holiday from Zizoo. Find out here if you need a skipper with your boat rental.

Suggested sailing route


Discover Sweden:

  • Start hour sailing holiday from Lidingö near Stockholm and enjoy sailing around the myriad of islands that make up the Stockholm Archipelago.
  • From there, you can head north to the Gulf of Bothnia or go down to Gotland.
  • For those looking for pristine nature and a chance to get away from it all, it is recommended to sail around the Gulf of Bothnia.
  • Gotland is popular for travelers with more of a cultural interest who would also enjoy spending time on some of Sweden’s best beaches.
  • Head further down to Öland to explore the quaint fishing village, majestic forests, castle ruins and lovely beaches.
  • Öland is also home to the Great Alvar, a natural landscape that is also a World Heritage Site. Families will also love visiting Ölands Animal and Amusement Park.

Discover more:

  • Västervik sits on the coast across the sea from Gotland and also offers mooring at buoys as an additional stopping point before heading to the islands or down the coast towards Malmö.
  • Malmö itself is another major harbour offering longer-term berthing if desired.
  • It’s a great city to visit if you’re interested in heading across and seeing Denmark as well.
  • A sailing holiday in Sweden is a unique way to see the varied landscape of this striking area too often missed by those travelling on land.

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