Discover the best of sailing in the USA

The United States offers a number of different destinations for the perfect sailing vacation. From the enchanting coastlines and major hubs of New England and the Mid-Atlantic to the dramatic cliffs and popular beaches of the Gulf Coast and Pacific. Yacht charter trips in the USA allow you to experience an alternative side to the country’s most popular destinations.

  • Beaches of the Florida Keys
  • Lobster fishing ports in Maine
  • Dolphin and whale watching in Oregon and California
Quick Info

Florida Keys (MTH), Bangor (BGR), Portland (PDX)

Boat base locations
Key West, Yarmouth, South Portland

Key West Nature Preserve, Acadia National Park, Tillamook State Forest

Best time for sailing

May – September


Spoken language

Englisch, Spanisch

Things to do and see when sailing in the USA

With world-class monuments, historical sites, fantastic beaches and incredible natural parks, the United States remains one of the most visited sailing destinations. Every part of the coast offers something for everyone. For nature lovers, New England’s many beaches, national parks and mountain ranges will be a major draw, while sailors looking for a glimpse of works by some of today’s most popular artists shouldn’t miss the galleries and museums in the bustling city of Miami.

key west florida sailing usa

With world-class monuments, historical sites, amazing beaches and incredible natural parks, the United States remains one of the most visited travel destinations.

Discover while sailing in the USA:

Bay Harbor, Miami, Honolulu and countless other major historical hotspots have ports of call and visits on your travels. Eat great shellfish at Galyn’s in Bar Harbor, Maine, or sample Caribbean fusion cuisine at Area 31 in Miami.
Sail to New York City and dance at the Marquee or Cielo or in Seville and the Holocene in Portland.
Enjoy Maine’s oceanfront Acadia National Park with scenic beaches nearby. Diving and other water sports are also plentiful.

  • Visit Long Island, New York and go scuba diving or try hang gliding over the Gulf of Mexico in New Orleans.
  • Sail the Potomac River and visit Washington, D.C. with its National Mall, which houses most of the city’s museums.
  • The state of Florida also offers many opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. On the east coast you can surf or snorkel around Marco Island in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The possibilities are endless, offering exciting shore excursions for fun and culture while sailing in the USA.

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Sailing conditions

The California and Oregon coasts are a bit rougher, even in summer, and are recommended for more experienced sailors who still want to enjoy the beautiful beaches, islands and nature. As always, you should check local conditions for the time of year you wish to sail and book a berth in advance in high season to avoid disappointment. Remember that you can also book a skippered sailing holiday with Zizoo.

Sailing conditions
  • Conditions vary so it’s best to do some research and check the local information for the area you intend to visit.
  • The Florida coast is ideal for a sailing holiday earlier in the year, with dry conditions and air temperatures of 26°C or higher and a warm 24°C in the water.
  • Wave heights vary from coast to coast.
  • At Bay Harbour, in Main, winds average up to around 10 knots with waves generally under a meter.
  • The Mid-Atlantic includes New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and others while the Keys to the southeast offer fine weather.

Suggested sailing route

Whether you decide to vacation for a day or a week, the opportunities for sailing in the United States are endless. New England is an exceptional area for scenic routes visiting Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island. The Mid-Atlantic includes New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and others while the Keys to the southeast offer fine weather. Florida is on the Gulf Coast and California and Oregon are on the Pacific Coast. Not forgetting Alaska, which offers beautiful mountains and wildlife, and the beautiful island of Hawaii.

One of the most popular sailing routes for those taking a sailing vacation in the southern United States is sailing from Florida to the Bahamas. Read our itinerary for sailing from Florida to the Bahamas for more inspiration.

Bay Harbor in Maine remains a popular home base for New England sailing. The Keys, including the Key West Bight Marina, are a great place to escape at the beginning of the year when most of the country is still stuck in the cold winter. Below the Oregon coast, Long Beach is one of California’s most popular coastal hotspots, with a marina and nearby islands like Santa Catalina. You’ll have access to a variety of destinations unavailable to those sticking to the country.

Whether you decide to go sailing for a day or for a weeklong holiday, sailing opportunities in the United States are endless.

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