Sailing in Sardinia: A 7-Day Dream Route for Food and Wine Lovers

Famed for its stunning natural beauty, rich culture and glamorous resorts and clubs, Sardinia is one of the most unique and dazzling destinations to visit in the Mediterranean. With over 1.100 km of spectacular coastline, amazing beaches and calm seas to the east, Sardinia is also a natural magnet for sailors from across the globe. When sailing around Sardinia, one should not miss out on trying the island’s many special delicacies, which is why we’ve created a 7-day sailing route along the island’s east coast featuring three terrific food and wine tours offered by the winerist. The winerist is a travel website offering exclusive tours dedicated to food, wine and culture in unique locations across the globe. Check out their tours and blog here.

sailing in sardinia

Why you should be sailing in Sardinia:

  • Ideal winds: Known as the place “Where the Wind Lives”, Sardinia offers sailors an excellent location for sailing. Thanks to the strong main winds that blow across the coasts, Sardinia boasts some of the best conditions for sailing.
  • Great climate: The island boasts an average of 300 days of sunshine per year and a typical warm Mediterranean climate.
  • Pristine beaches: One of the island’s major draws is its rugged and unspoiled coastlines that feature some of the Mediterranean’s best beaches.
  • Rich cultural offerings: Sardinia is full of many historical wonders and charming towns.
  • Incredible cuisine:  It is clear that Sardinians take pride in their rich gastronomic heritage. From the well-known pecorino cheese to the tantalizing liqueur called Mirto, Sardinia’s food culture has been influenced and developed through a merge of several different cultures over the course of centuries.

Sailing from Olbia to Cagliari- a Food and Wine Lover’s Dream Route

Starting from the dynamic province of Olbia-Tempio, you will begin to discover the breathtaking beauty and phenomenal gastronomy of Sardinia as you start a 7-day, one-way sailing trip down the coast towards Cagliari on your own private yacht.

Days 1-2: Olbia-Tempio

Covering the Northeast area of Sardinia, Olbia-Tempio attracts nature lovers, sun worshippers, celebrities and, of course, food and wine enthusiasts who flock to the gorgeous beaches and resorts along Costa Smeralda, the Maddalena Archipelago and San Teodoro. In addition to its natural beauty, this area has many fantastic cultural offerings, including impressive archaeological remains and the famous Carnival parade “Carrasciali Timpiesu”.

sailing in sardiniaThe province of Olbia-Tempio also produces many gastronomic delights. One of the best ways to discover this area’s cultural heritage is by taking part in a Full-day Vermentino Wine Tour. Sample Sardinia’s distinctive wines, mainly the Vermentino di Gallura, a unique DOCG wine and enjoy a lovely lunch as you learn more about the island’s vast history and cultural heritage. The tour also includes a visit to a notable archaeological sight and provides many opportunities to take pictures from spectacular panoramic points. It is the perfect way to relax and take in the scenery before starting your journey by sea.

sailing in sardiniaAnd if you’re looking for vibrant nightlife and world-famous clubs, head to Porto Cervo. Originally established by Prince Karim Aga Khan as an exclusive retreat for the rich and famous, Porto Cervo still attracts celebrities and VIPs who can be found in clubs like Billionaire. It is definitely worth checking out the superyachts docked at Porto Cervo’s marina.

Check into your private boat in one the famous marinas of Portisco or Porto Rotondo and get ready for an incredible trip along Sardinia’s east coast.

Day #3: San Teodoro

sailing in sardinia

Only about 30 km down the coast you’ll find San Teodoro, a trendy seaside resort town with many great bars, restaurants, clubs and of course, phenomenal beaches. Relax on the sandy white beaches and take a dip in the crystal clear waters that surround San Teodoro or take a hike in the mountains further inland and spend a relaxing evening moored in Marina di Puntaldia. 

Day #4: Golfo di Orisei

sailing in sardiniaNo sailing trip around Sardinia is complete without a stop in Golfo di Orisei. With about 30 km of breathtaking beaches, alluring grottos and a coastline that is strikingly contrasted by steep cliffs, Golfo di Orisei is one of the most enchanting places in the entire Mediterranean. Here you’ll find the Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu, Sardina’s largest national park. This astounding protected area is home to a wide diversity of flora and fauna, pristine beaches and dynamic landscapes distinguished by lovely valleys and canyons, towering mountains and staggering cliffs.

sailing in sardiniaOne of the best ways of getting better acquainted with your surroundings is by joining a tour of Atha Ruja Vineyard. Learn about and taste this region’s wines and olive oils while exploring this lovely, family-owned winery that is located in the ancient valley of Oddone.

Day #5: Marina di Gairo and Porto Corallo 

sailing in sardiniaAs you continue down the coast, we suggest a stop in Marina di Gairo, a charming seaside village that is surrounded by some of Sardinia’s best beaches. Distinguished by its characteristic red rock formations (porphyry) and pebble beaches, Marina di Gairo is a great place for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. The wind blows stronger here, making it a great spot for surfing. Further inland, you will find some great hiking trails including the trail around Monte Ferru.

From Marina di Gairo make your way to Villaputzu for a pleasant evening in Porto Corallo. Located on the southeastern coast, Villaputzu is a charming resort village offering some terrific beaches. It’s the perfect place to go for a morning dip after spending a night in the modern harbour of Porto Corallo.

Day #6: Villasimius

sailing in sardiniaAs you make your way to Villasimius by boat, you’ll have the perfect view of some of the island’s most spectacular beaches and bays. Make a stop in Capo Carbonara to enjoy the strikingly white beaches and crystal clear water. This area is marked by fantastic natural heritage from grand cliffs to enchanting bays and coves that are lovingly protected as part of a larger conservation area. The beaches around the southeastern tip Sardinia also offer great opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking and surfing.

In the surrounding area will you also have an opportunity to visit the archaeological remains of Phoenician and Roman culture. The small town of Villasimius is also quite well known for its nightlife. Enjoy the sunset and spectacular views as your toast to the evening in one of the seaside bars.

Day #7: Cagliari

sailing in sardiniaCagliari, Sardinia’s capital city, is abundant in history, culture and fantastic beaches. It is the perfect place to end your journey along the island’s eastern coast The city’s diverse history is evident in its architecture, language and culinary traditions which can be experienced in the winerist’s Half-day Cagliari Wine, Food and Culture Tour. The private tour begins at the heart of Cagliari’s food and wine scene, the San Benedetto Municipal market, which is the largest covered market in the country where you’ll find a varied selection of gastronomic products from the land and sea. You’ll then be led around the city center and drive out to the countryside for a food and wine tasting.

After diving into the cultural scene of Cagliari, spend the rest of your day stretched out on one of the many stunning beaches that surround the city. From the long sandy white beach of Poretto to the lovely bays and coves (calas) that are best reached by boat, the southern coast of Sardinia is full of natural beauty and the perfect place to end your sailing holiday on this magical island.

sailing in sardinia

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