Why Everyone Should Sail from Zadar, Croatia

zadar croatia

Did you know that the ideal sailing season in Zadar, voted the best European travel destination of 2016, lasts from April through October? Zadar is the perfect starting point to set out on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia and plan your next boat holiday. Located in the north of the Dalmatia region, day trips to the country’s 1,200-plus islands, Kornati National Park, or a sailing route south to Split or Dubrovnik is a breeze.

zadar croatia sea organ sea adriatic sailing

A view of from above Zadar, Croatia. Here you can see the Sea Organ on the marble stairs.

Where to Rent a Boat in Zadar

Zadar’s Sukusan Marina is easily accessible from Zadar’s international airport. It is roughly a 20 minute trip with a shuttle or car. Before heading out on the waters, be sure to check out all that this historic town with a modern flair has to offer. In Zadar, you will find a different pace than the rest of Croatia’s hotspots. This secret gem, nestled on the coast, has plenty to discover without the crowds. Zadar’s location also lends itself to be the ideal boat sailing destination for island hopping to the hundreds of neighboring islands in the Adriatic.

Island Hopping Around Zadar

Neighboring Kornati National Park is a network of 89 islands that are densely grouped or called an archipelago. The islands are strung together without any access from bridges or ferries making them an ideal day trip sailing visit from Zadar. While island hopping around Croatia, the Kornati archipelago offers beautiful beaches and snorkeling for adventurists or even suitable for families with children. An aquatic paradise with something to offer for everyone.

archepelago islands kornati national park zadar croatia

The archipelago islands of the Kornati National Park just a short sail south from Zadar, Croatia.

Things to Do in Zadar

Here are our top things to see while you are in Zadar. Heading back to port, a must-see for locals and travelers alike is the renown Sea Organ created by the architect, Nikola Bašić. Perch yourself amongst the marble stairs and listen to the sounds created by the sea as the water ebbs and flows through the 35 underwater pipes. The Greeting to the Sun, a solar installation, casts off a spectacular light show from sunrise to sunset. For those interested in the old town, walk into the city center and climb the St. Anastasia Bell Tower for a 360° view of the city, islands, and sea. The Cathedral is the largest of its kind in all of Dalmatia and dates back to the 12th century.

boy biking the greeting to the sun zadar croatia sunset

Here a holiday goer bikes across The Greeting to the Sun, a solar installation, on the waterfront of Zadar, Croatia at sunset.

Day Trip Sailing to Split

When starting your trip in Zadar, it is a perfect point for planning to set sail south towards Split and eventually reach Dubrovnik, undeniably the hottest destination in Croatia. When first reaching Split, this 1700-year-old city sits nestled amongst the coast and is home to many cultural and historical sites. A UNESCO listed must-see is the Palace of Diocletian, this Roman Emperor’s glory still lives on today in the beautifully preserved ruins of white marble. You will find yourself wandering in awe along the winding streets, bustling with local cafes and restaurants filled with Croatian delicacies: incredible local wine and traditional Croatian Böreks, a savory stuffed pastry.

While in Split, be sure to visit one of the many beautiful beaches. Take a walk or bike down to, Bačvice Beach, found right outside Split’s city center, it is the Beach that doesn’t sleep. During the day it is ideal to take a swim or play in the sand. At night, the beach becomes alive with music as the restaurants and bars that line the shore open their doors to locals and tourists alike.

city sea adriatic split croatia

City and Sea: Looking onto Split, Croatia.

Day Trip Sailing to Dubrovnik

It is time to sail in Croatia once again, but this time south to Dubrovnik. For all of those Game of Thrones fans, this one’s for you, Kings Landing sits above the coastline. On a more serious note, you can actually walk along the city’s walls, a great opportunity to see the red-roofed city and Adriatic sea from a different perspective. Enter through Pile Gate and catch a bird’s eye view of all that Dubrovnik has to offer. Next explore the countless art galleries, local artisan stores, churches, and museums. Famously known as the ”Pearl of the Adriatic’’, this seaside city is a must see for all those sailing along the Dalmatian coast.

aerial view adriatic dubrovnik croatia

An aerial view from above the Adriatic looking onto the City of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

When the time has come to board the boat, the glittering coastline and views from the Adriatic will not disappoint. As Alfred Hitchcock said, ”Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world.’’ There is still time to see for yourself. Our easy, user-friendly boat rental service allows you to plan, schedule and, book your next sailing trip affordably and with ease. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sail. Don’t miss it.