Skip the Crowds and Flights; Set Sail from Split, Croatia


A boat holiday on the serene Croatian seas is just a car ride away. But social distancing isn’t the only unexpected perk of getting away on a boat. 

One of our favorite (and most popular) destinations is Split, Croatia, where the Blue Lagoon hides a treasure that delights and surprises even those who come looking for it.

Here’s our recommended itinerary: 

Travel by car to the Split area, where you can pick up your boat from Aci Marina, Kastela Marina, or Trogir Marina. If you are flying in, then Kastela Marina will be your closest marina. And if you’d like, there are shuttles that can transfer you from the airport to the marina. 

STOP 1: Explore the crystal-clear Blue Lagoon

If you’ve chosen to have a skipper take care of the sailing, then have them guide you to the Blue Lagoon. Admire Mother Nature’s impressive work on the unconventionally coral reef-free lagoon. The waters here are so clear you almost feel you’re imposing on the privacy of the fish below, who scuttle to-and-fro the visible sea floor. You could easily spend a full afternoon relaxing in the gentle company of these sea creatures.

STOP 2: Dive down to see the Sunken Ship

If you’ve rented optional snorkeling equipment or brought your own, then you’ll be able to dive down to see the sunken boat (you can also request your skipper to arrange an itinerary with a stop at the sunken ship — all equipment included — or book a tour through a local company when you’re there). 

Though many people do it on a daily basis — nothing will ever beat the novelty you’ll feel when you dive down and see a historical, rusting ship on a sea bed. If your sense of wonder has been dormant from days at the office, then this jaunt will switch something back on. The ship isn’t in deep waters, so you won’t need expert-level swimming skills to reach it, either. 

STOP 3: Sail to Šolta Island, a quieter island known for its olives and honey

Split is the perfect base to explore the rest of Dalmatia, so it’d be a pity to stop at the Blue Lagoon and the sunken ship. 

Visit Solta Island, a lesser-frequented and perhaps more locals friendly location in Croatia. Here, you’ll be able to dive at the bays of Livka or Stračinska, or just enjoy the area’s famous production of honey or olives. The island is just small enough that it’ll make this afternoon trip feel like a holiday-within-a-holiday. 

STOP 4: Sail to Hvar

Much of the 42-mile long island of Hvar is delightfully deserted, making it perfect for worry-free relaxation. 

Chill out by Robinson’s Beach, where you can tan nude or grab some food at a local restaurant. If you’re still looking to adventure into unknown territory, you can choose from a number of dives you can take to explore other shipwrecks (like the English boat Paulina), or simply submerge yourself half an hour from the beach and gaze at all the swimming sea animals.  

Back to Split: Walk the promenade and return your boat

Have extra time? You could also visit any number of beaches on the south coast of Brac Island. Or, go back to Split to tourist around historical attractions like Diocletian’s Palace, walk through the famous seaside promenade, and return your boat. 

Why travel by boat?

The best part about this underrated travel option is that when you go by boat, you can bypass long, stressful security lines, baggage check-in, and queues to board your flight. You also get to choose your company and have complete control over your trip. 

Of course, if your region has advised you to restrict movement, then it’s important to abide by those rules to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. You can check our updates on travel restrictions and our updated refund policy here

But if you’re looking for a quick getaway and want to avoid the crowds, then a boat trip on an isolated island will do just the trick! If you’re curious about your options, get in touch with one of our Boat Holiday Experts through the request form on the right.