The 7 Craziest Rental Boats on Earth

Oceanis Yachtcharter: Segeln mit Tradition

Want to see 7 of the craziest and most unusual luxury yachts in the world?

The way we take holidays continues to change, but the sea remains a prime spot for a luxurious and unique holiday escape. And when one considers the most grand yacht holidays, sure, these are mostly reserved for the world’s elite, but not all sailing holidays will cost you your life savings.

Cruising through the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea on a luxury yacht is a much more attainable holiday than you think. The booking options are endless; from a classic vintage yacht or a tiny sailboat to an extravagant gulet or a weird-looking motorboat — the stretch of charter options is never-ending. We get requests for all different kinds of crazy boats. And, believe us, we’ve seen them all…


  1. The Classic Vintage Boat

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Boating is all about glamour, right? Well, the La Perla is just that. Instantly it brings to mind the classic boats from the ’40s and ’50s that cruised the waters of the Cote d’Azur. If you imagine Brigitte Bardot sailing Croatia in 2015, this is surely the boat she’d be relaxing on. Picture yourself lounging on the deck of this vintage gem with the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin as you sail by incredible coastal scenery… what could be more glamorous than that?

Built in 1976, this enormous luxury cruiser has been completely modernised and now comfortably sleeps a whopping 26 people. This luxury yacht, the La Perla, is situated on the south-eastern peninsula of Croatia’s coast, in Split, where you’ll see dozens of bars, restaurants, boutiques and shops scattered among the ancient walls and streets where the Roman Empire once reigned. This vibrant location shows its visitors the true way of traditional Croatian life and, in that way, mirrors the classic glamour of the La Perla. This gorgeous luxury cruiser is perfect for a memorable week on the Croatian seas with the classiest of friends.


  1. The Unusual Boat

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This boat was named One-of-a-kind for a reason… If you’re looking for a unique boating holiday, an unusual vessel like this is the way to go. This particular boat is the only one of its kind in Croatia, and its unconventional exterior, paired with its spacious and minimalistic interior design, make her the talk of the seas. This unique-looking boat sleeps 6 people. Its large saloon, cockpit and deck provide an excellent space for entertaining.

One-of-a-kind is based in Punat, which sits just off the northern Croatian coast on the island of Krk. When cruising the waters of Punat, you’ll find a laid back Mediterranean atmosphere and an abundance of historical and cultural monuments hidden underneath a bustling and dynamic island lifestyle. This distinctive motorboat is the perfect vessel if you’re looking for an interesting boat holiday cruising around the glorious hidden islands of Croatia’s coast.


  1. The Extravagant Gulet

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Ah, the charismatic gulet. For centuries, Mediterranean locals have used these boats as fishing and cargo vessels, but today, the classic gulet has undergone a transformation into one of the most popular and lavish boats among travellers. This particular gulet, named the Blue Voyager, takes these opulent ancient ships one step further.

Sleeping 10 of your luckiest guests, this huge, extravagant vessel is based in Trogir, a small islet nestled between the gentle rolling hills of mainland Croatia and the beautiful offshore coast of Ciovo Island. With its luxury deck lounges, its spacious interior and roomy cabins below, you’ll be sailing in style around the Adriatic Sea to the envy of all ashore. As you sail past Croatia’s hottest party islands, this glamorous gulet will catch everyone’s eye. A sailing holiday on the Blue Voyager is sure to be the holiday of a lifetime.


  1. The Enormous Motorboat

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If you don’t know how to sail but want to spend a week of luxury on the sea, why not spend a week aboard a gigantic motorboat, one of the most prominent vessels in the Mediterranean? There’s nothing better than flying through the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea on a luxurious, powerful vessel like this one. Her name is Stylish Seas, and she’s a sleek, attractive and sporty lady of the sea, with a huge deck and a spacious interior. As you sunbathe on the bow and cruise past coastal islands and beaches with the wind in your hair, all your worries will melt away. With a generous kitchen below, you (or your on-board chef, if you’re lucky!) can prepare delicious, fresh, local cuisine and cocktails for your guests.

This enormous motorboat is located in Sibenik, sitting safely inside a naturally protected bay where the Adriatic Sea and Krka River meet. This allows renters to cruise in and navigate every inch of calm water surrounding this serene Dalmatian hotspot. Stylish Seas comes with every extravagant detail you could possibly think of for a motorboat of this size, but our favourite feature of this gorgeous vessel is the super wide swimming platform. Imagine diving into crystal clear Croatian water from this boat! Perfection.


  1. The Luxurious Catamaran

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Arguably the biggest upheaval to the design of sailboats has been the introduction of the catamaran. And unsurprisingly, catamarans are the fastest growing segment of the sailing industry. Well, we can definitely see why. They’re sleek, elegant and they represent every aspect of what a luxury sailing holiday is about. Sleeping 12-16 guests, Lady Luxury is glamorous and extravagant. This magnificent catamaran has enough space to comfortably fit several families or a large group of friends. Lady Luxury is located in Kastela, in a beautifully protected bay full of narrow stretches of sandy beach, local taverns, lush parks and charming coastal towns – the perfect spot for cruising through on one of the world’s most beautiful catamarans.

Imagine lounging on these huge bow nets as you glide through the Adriatic Sea, basking in the glorious sunshine and watching schools of dolphins swim alongside you. Now that’s a holiday.

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  1. The Tiny Sailboat

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If you’re not looking for anything fancy and it’s just the two of you searching for an intimate escape on the sea, why not explore Croatia’s stunning coves and beautiful bays in one of the world’s tiniest liveable sailboats made for two? There’s nothing more romantic than anchoring in a secluded bay with no other boats in sight and spending an afternoon in each other’s company, with only the waves to interrupt your thoughts.

This little sailboat, named Friendly Winds, is situated in the picturesque marina of Biograd na Moru, which is the perfect area for cruising through stunning offshore islands and sailing to small, secluded coves. A sailboat of this size may seem small, but it has everything you’ll need for a romantic and cosy sailing holiday in Croatia with your loved one.


  1. The Monster Sailboat

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And from one extreme to the other… Look at this beauty! This enormous sailboat is all about grabbing a bunch of your family and friends, chartering the biggest sailboat you can find and setting sail along the glorious Adriatic Sea. When cruising along the Kastela Riviera in a vessel of this size and calibre, you’ll feel like you can take on the world. With its rich historical, cultural and natural environment, Kastela has an abundance of natural wonders to see and fantastic day trips to take – such as the old olive orchard of Stafilic Castle, the Vranjaca Cave, the Jadro River and the Fortress at Klis – making a vessel like this the best option for a true sailing adventure with 12 of your favourite people.

Sailboat Serenity has an abundance of space in her elegant interior and generous exterior. She sleeps 12 people comfortably and you’ll have plenty of room to relax up on deck, in the saloon and down below. Chartering a monster sailboat like this will have you gliding along the Croatian coast in comfort, luxury and style.


Bonus: Number 8! The Mono-Fleets

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Not many people are aware of one of the most exciting and unusual aspects of boat charters – the mono-fleets. Let’s say your company wants to book a team-building holiday. Why not mix surf, sun and sand and take 100 employees on a team-building regatta on a huge fleet of sailboats along the Croatian coast? Competitive tension will consume the air as the race around Croatia’s most beautiful islands begins.

Here at Zizoo, we can provide any business with a fleet of up to 15 boats that are all identical – the same base marina, same condition, same year, same owner and even the same sails – so there are no disadvantages or advantages between crews, and no arguments about who should have won this year’s trophy. They don’t call this boat Team Spirit for nothing!


Interested in some of the world’s craziest boats, or just wanting to know more? Head over to to discover endless charter boat options for your next sailing holiday.

From a luxury catamaran to a beautiful, classic gulet, you, too, could be sailing the seas in one these crazy gorgeous boats. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out now!