The Story Of Christianna Yachts

Based in Greece, Christianna Yachts is a family-owned business known for luxury yachts that are equal parts graceful design and modern convenience.
When Vassilis’ father first got started, he kept a small paper calendar to arrange summer bookings. Things have come a long way since then. Vassilis now operates six mostly-handmade yachts, which can accommodate up to 12 guests and two crew members. His two permanent crew members, Akis and Denise, have been with him for nine years, and as Vassilis amusingly points out, “the guests are almost always talking more about Akis and his mesmerizing encyclopedic knowledge of physics, history, and the secrets of Greece — more than they’re talking about my boats!”

Such memorable touches are just a few of the details that make Vassilis proud of his charter. His top-booked boats are the Christianna VIII and Christianna XI. The first is a handmade monohull, built back in 2005 with a dark blue hull and a classy wooden interior. “She is the only Ocean Stat 60 ever built and one of a very few monohulls with six ensuite cabins, which make her really attractive to large groups of sailing enthusiasts who like to sail but also need their own space and facilities.”

Christianna Charters

In light of #Covid19, Vassilis acknowledges that the situation has drastically reduced bookings. However, like a true sailor, he also says that, “when you own a boat, you always have things to do.” So, though the outdoors work means he’s limiting his contact with his family to two days a week, he pushes on, maintaining his vessels for the day when travel starts back up.

  “I can’t wait taking my two months old son, little George, and my beautiful wife, to sail with us in the dark blue waters of the Aegean Sea, swim in the crystal green waters in Polyaigos island, taste some of the sea urchin dishes on Kea island, and sleep under the stars in Kleftiko while listening to the peaceful noise of the waves hitting the rocks in Milos island.”