8 Things Everyone Learns on Their First Sailing Trip

For a lot of people, the world of sailing can feel like completely foreign territory. From the boat jargon to the more technical questions of how to actually sail, there’s an entire class of questions and answers that can seem pretty daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the biggest lessons that our first-timers, and even veteran sailors, have picked up on their first few jaunts. We hope they’ll help dispel some of the mystery around the nautical world, and get you on your way to your first sailing trip.

  1. Actual time spent sailing will teach you more than all the sailing books and videos in the world. Obviously, don’t go sailing without a license or someone with experience on board. But nothing will stick better than lessons and mistakes learned out in the real world.
  2. Your seasickness might have nothing to do with the sea at all. Often, seasickness is a result of extensive sun exposure and dehydration. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and remember that your alcoholic libations don’t count!
  3. But if you need a natural fix, try ginger. Ginger is an age-old cure for an upset stomach and alleviating seasickness.
  4. Tell a friend where you’re going. Whether you’re sailing out with a big group, on a solo trip, or out with a skipper, always tell someone land where you’re going, when you roughly expect to be back, and an emergency contact just in case something should happen.
  5. Learn the jargon. This might be the one area where at-home studying might actually pay off. Learn the technical terms — it’ll make the whole sailing experience more fun and seamless.
  6. Always carry a whistle in your life jacket. If it saved Rose, it can save you.
  7. Don’t underestimate water temperature, even in warmer weather. Cold water can lead to hypothermia quite quickly. Don’t assume that balmy temperatures mean warm waters. A seasoned sailor knows to always prepare for frigid dips.
  8. And finally, don’t be shy about getting a skipper. Whether you know literally nothing about sailing, or are a beginner, a skipper is the perfect boat add-on to ensure a safe and smooth trip. At Zizoo, we offer the option of adding a skipper onto almost every boat on our site.

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