Everything You Need to Know Before Renting a Boat

Things you should know

Discover pure joy when you choose to rent a boat in a beautiful destination. At Zizoo we offer a vast range of hand-picked boats, available in top boating locations all over the world. We also offer expert boating and sailing knowledge, as well as friendly support throughout the booking process, so you can be sure you’ll know everything you need to know before renting a boat.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Boat:

1. Choosing the right boat

With such a wide variety of boats available, it’s really important that you choose the perfect vessel for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for the best boat to take the family on board, or perhaps you need the perfect boat for a group of friends, you’ll be needing a boat that suits both your group size, but also the skills and know-how of those you are holidaying with. Only experienced or confident beginner sailors should book a bareboat sailboat, whilst motorboats are the perfect choice for first-time renters. Those looking for the ideal day rental boat will instantly discover a wide choice and will need to consider factors such as whether they require onboard cooking facilities, a cabin room for small children, and/or washing facilities.

know before renting a boat

2. Picking the perfect place to go

Destination is everything when it comes to boat rentals and there’s plenty to factor into this decision. Who are you holidaying with? Pick the perfect destination, whether it’s for a romantic getaway, a once-in-a-lifetime family adventure or even an exciting flotilla sailing holiday with friends. As well as thinking about scenery, local attractions and weather, you’ll need to consider practical elements such as mooring facilities and sailing conditions. Luckily there’s a perfect boating destination for every month of the year, so you can book a trip for a time that suits you.

know before renting a boat

3. To crew or not to crew

One of the biggest decisions when it comes to boat rental is whether you will crew your own boat or whether you require a skippered charter. Why not take a breather and discover the benefits of a crewed rental, the pinnacle of luxury boating? Alternatively, take on the challenge of manning your own vessel, but make sure you check whether you’ll need a licence before you book.

know before renting a boat

4. Choosing extras: from essentials to luxuries

When you book a boat rental with us we offer a wide range of optional extras, from policies that offer peace of mind to fun amenities such as a BBQ, SUP or jet-ski, as well as luxury additions, including extra towels and WiFi. Securing any extras at the time of booking can save you time, money and possible headaches.

know before renting a boat

5. Make like a scout and ‘Be Prepared’

Planning is everything when it comes to a boating holiday, plus it gives you the chance to get excited well ahead of time! Start by drawing up a preparation checklist. From planning the itinerary to packing the essentials and even acquiring the necessary skills for first time sailors, there’s plenty to do before you go. Be sure to familiarise yourself with our checking in and out process and with important general boating safety tips.

At Zizoo we believe that memories are made on the water, which is why we do everything to make sure you’re fully equipped with everything you need to know before renting a boat. Whether you’re celebrating with friends, bonding with the family or seeking both seclusion and adventure, a boat rental is a unique holiday experience. Choose a crewed or bareboat charter as part of your next trip and discover:

  • Freedom and opportunity
  • Privacy, safety and dedicated support
  • The chance to convene with both nature and loved ones
Things to know before renting a boat

You are ready to jump on board now!

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