The Top 3 Secret Destinations to Discover in Croatia

At Zizoo, we have all kinds of holiday goers. The adventure seeker, the sunbather, the party goer. But if you’re down to discover, look no further. We’ve mapped out the top 3 secret destinations to discover in Croatia. So put on your captain’s hat, get on deck and let’s start sailing. You will be in for a surprise when you discover these secret spots.

1. Zavratnica: Diving for Buried Treasure

To start off, we are sailing to the narrow inlet of Zavratnica Bay. Located across from the island of Rab, the 900-meter deep Adriatic water is a prime snorkeling location. But wait! This serene bay has much more to offer. Are you looking for buried treasure? Well, grab your snorkel and flippers because this one’s for you! During WWll, a German military ship was sunk by the allies. Today, the ship remains underwater and is accessible to explore when diving or snorkeling. Since the ship lies only a few meters below the water’s surface, the wreck is visible to the naked eye and is even a fun activity for kids or divers of all levels. If you are an avid snorkeler we have created a more detailed guide of some of the best snorkeling locations Croatia has to offer.

croatia water surface WWll Military shipwreck Zavratnica Bay

Spotted just below the water’s surface, the WWll Military shipwreck at the secret Zavratnica Bay, Croatia.

2. Galesnjak: The Heart of it All

Next, we are bringing you to a true natural wonder. Also referred to as Lover’s Island or The Island of Love, Galesnjak is a tiny heart-shaped island in the northern Dalmatia region. A close sail away from Zadar, one of our top starting points when sailing in Croatia, be sure to stop at the heart of it all and enjoy the crystal clear water and beautifully preserved nature on the island. The uninhabited island is not only great for a pitstop on land to shake of your sea legs and enjoy a hike, but also for a quiet uninterrupted beach day where you can bask on the white sandy shore. For lovers and adventurers alike, be sure not to miss this natural wonder in the Adriatic!

heart island love croatia sea above

A view from above looking onto Galesnjak aka Lovers Island or The Island of Love in Croatia.

3.Palagruža: The Light to Guide You

When sailing at sea there is always something nostalgic about seeing or discovering a lighthouse nestled on the coast of the nearby shoreline. Guided by the warm light through the distance, we arrive at our last location, Palagruža. Over 120 km south of Split, this island located in the Adriatic archipelago is roughly in the middle of Italy and Croatia. The island boasts it’s only structure, a beautiful lighthouse, on top of its rocky seaside cliffs. It is from here you can continue sailing along the Croatian coast or if the adventurer in you is longing for more, keep sailing till you reach Italy! There is always more to discover at sea.

lighthouse Palagruža croatia

The lighthouse at Palagruža, Croatia.

When booking your next boat holiday with Zizoo, we have the best holiday planners, sailing routes and inspiration destinations to ensure your memories will last longer than your sun-kissed tan. And remember, there is always something to discover at sea for people from all walks of life and ages!