Top Reasons to go Sailing vs Taking a Cruise

When you are considering taking a dream holiday navigating to discovering the ancient ruins of Greek and Roman civilizations across Europe or relaxing on white sandy beaches in the Caribbean, a cruise may be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, some people may not realize the ease and affordability of exploring some of the world’s most incredible places on a chartered boat. We’ve previously discussed why sailing is a great alternative to a hotel holiday, now we’d like to share the top reasons to go sailing instead of taking a cruise. 

Sailing Holiday vs Cruise Holiday

There are a few things to keep in mind when debating whether or not to take a cruise or go on a chartered sailing trip. While both offer you a chance to explore exotic and unique locations, experience new cultures, take in the sea air and bask in the sun, the experience of sailing is an experience that cannot be matched. Read on and find our infographic showing the top reasons to consider sailing over cruising on a mega-ship.


top reasons to go sailing

In addition to creating your own itinerary, a sailing holiday provides endless opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and seeking secluded beaches and coves. Perhaps you fell in love with a particular island or coastal town and prefer to linger there a little longer. There’s no need to worry about missing the boat. Sailing gives you the flexibility to change your route as you see fit.


sailing in the azores

Sailing, at its core, brings people closer to nature while also giving you a chance to escape the chaos of daily life which is amplified by the continuous use of technology. The constant interaction with wind, sun and water is therapeutic and can help rehabilitate the body and the soul. For those seeking a more interactive or engaging trip, a sailing holiday can also be a very meaningful and productive experience where you can improve organizational and communication skills while still having plenty of time for relaxation and fun.

Travel in Style

Experience the glamour and elegance of a sailing holiday, which major style icons and celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and the Kennedy’s popularized without breaking the budget. Enjoy the simple pleasures of basking in the sun on your own private deck, taking a dip into the sea whenever you please and traveling to wherever your heart desires, whether that’s a secluded beach or a seafront restaurant. Sailing is now more affordable than ever so now it’s your time to experience a form of travel that has captivated the rich and famous for several decades.

luxury yachts celebrities

Imagine arriving in the trendy and chic towns of St Tropez, Capri or the Costa Smeralda in your very own yacht. You’ll perk the interest of curious onlookers as you arrive at the port in style and be the envy of the town as you sip champagne on your private boat as the sun sets and the evening begins. Now picture arriving in these dazzling towns with hundreds or thousands of more people as you’re transported from a behemoth ship to the shores…

Escape the Crowds and Go Sailing

Renting your own private boat means you get to stay with the people of your choice, whether it be your family or close friends. You won’t have to worry about being stuck on a ship with thousands of strangers. The freedom of sailing also gives you a chance to escape the crowds and explore towns and villages at your own pace. With a skipper, you can also learn about the region directly from local experts who will take you to places unknown by tourists and special spots that cannot be easily reached by land. 


More Sustainable

Considering the number of people on a cruise (typically 3,000 or more) and the size of the ship, there are bound to be many issues concerning pollution and biodiversity. An average one-week voyage on a cruise produces thousands of gallons of toxic water and pollutants, about 50 tons of garbage and solid waste as well as diesel exhaust emissions that are equivalent to that of 12,000 cars. In the Caribbean, cruise ships produce more than 70,000 tons of waste each year.

boat with licence in Croatia

Sailboats, on the other hand, use very little fuel and electricity through utilizing natural resources including the sun, water, and of course, wind. Sailors are generally more conscious about water conservation, waste management and protection of the environment. You can help do your part to help protect the environment and reduce pollution as well as waste while still enjoying a dream holiday. You can also check out our environmental sailing tips.

Cruises pose a danger to biodiversity

The ocean’s coral reefs are also tragic victims of cruises. In Jamaica alone, over 35,000,000 cubic feet of coral reef and two square miles of mangroves were destroyed to make way for cruise ships. The destruction of coral reefs also has a devastating effect on the world’s biodiversity.

Cruises threaten heritage and local life

The massive cruise ships that moor in the port near Venice’s Grand Canal impose a major threat of weakening the city’s foundations and are causing erosion of the seabeds, turning the lagoon into an inlet of the sea. In addition to the stress on the environment and cultural heritage, cruise ships also cause many social problems. The high influx of cruisers arriving in small historic towns can have a significant negative impact on the local people and economy.

Sailing allows you to be a more conscious traveler. You can experience the same joys of a cruise with a much lower impact on the environment and are also given a great opportunity to give back to the local communities. Share this infographic below to spread awareness about sailing as a great alternative to cruising and a more sustainable form of travel.

top reasons to go sailing

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