Travel Writers and Sailing Bloggers Wanted

sailing bloggers

Love the sea? Love sailing? You’ll love Zizoo. Write about your experiences on our blog – we’re looking for talented sailing bloggers to join our network of travel writers. 

Here at Zizoo, we’re passionate about everything to do with sea travel – from top sailing destinations and travel tips to what to nibble on while you’re in Sardinia. We love to discover new places and inform our readers of the industry’s best kept secrets. And we’re looking for more writers to help us inspire, delight and educate our readers. We accept articles and proposals on the following topics:

  • Sailing routes
  • Travel destinations reachable by boat
  • Nautical fashion and lifestyle
  • Wining and dining (with a nautical angle)
  • Life at sea
  • Boat reviews and profiles
  • Boating events

Does this sound like the kind of stuff you write about? Then join our existing network of travel writers and bloggers, including Behan from Sailing Totem, Brittany from Windtraveler,  Louise from Sandy Toes and Writer Woes, and Georgie Moon . And did we mention the best part? This is a paid opportunity.

Find out more details and get in touch:

The sea awaits.