Traveling with Kids? It’s Better to Book a Boat Than a Hotel

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Traveling with your kids is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences you can give them. Not only does it bring you all closer together as a family, it creates crucial memories that will endure well beyond their childhood and have a lasting impact on all of you. And to make your family holiday that much better, skip the hotels and book a boat instead.

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It’s the best way to travel with kids, and here’s why:

Top 12 reasons why boats are better than hotels for family holidays

  1. Interaction with nature: Being on the water and participating in activities like snorkeling can instill in your kids a greater appreciation for nature. It can also teach them to respect the environment and make them want to protect it.
  2. Safety of a private yacht: A family holiday is so much more relaxing when you don’t have to constantly worry about steering clear of crowded places and other tourists.
  3. Unforgettable unique experiences: No kid will ever forget the thrill of living on a boat, even if it was just while on vacation!
  4. No noise complaints: Kids can be loud, and if you’re in a hotel you might get complaints from the guests next door. Take a boat and that problem disappears.
  5. No disturbing noises: Likewise, in a hotel, you could get stuck with a loud group partying next door or even right outside your room. A boat guarantees peace and quiet.
  6. Exciting days = restful nights: After a full day of swimming, exploring, sailing, and more, your kids will fall into their beds exhausted (which means everyone gets a good night’s sleep!).
  7. Zero crowds: Even if you’re lucky enough to have a hotel with a pool or beachfront, you’re going to have to fight for space to enjoy it. But when you’re on a boat, you’ve got your own set of waves all around you.
  8. Pick your extras: There’s no waiting for kayaks or jet skis to become available (or only getting to use them for a short time); you can include such extras in your boat booking and use them throughout your holiday at your leisure.
  9. Eat what you want, when you want: Forget mediocre hotel breakfasts consisting of overcooked eggs and boxed cereal and forget waiting for the buffet to open (or dragging the family out of bed before it closes). On a boat holiday, you plan your meals and prepare them on your schedule.   
  10. Quality family time: Traveling by boat means you’re spending real, meaningful time with your kids, bonding with them in an environment that is more enriching than what you’d find at a Kids’ Club.
  11. See more places: When you travel with kids, you need things to be as easy as possible. Sailing means you’re able to go quickly and comfortably from one destination to another — without the hassle of constantly packing and unpacking or checking in and out of multiple hotels.
  12. Learn new skills: Kids thrive on the challenges of learning new things, and being on a boat gives them ample opportunities to pick up new skills (and maybe even discover new passions!) like fishing, sailing, or scuba diving.
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Meet real families who sail with kids

These inspiring families prove just how enjoyable and rewarding sailing with kids can be.

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6 tips for traveling with kids by boat

Some excellent ideas on how to make the most of your family boat holiday.

  1. Book the right boat: When you travel with kids, you’ve got to prioritize things like comfort, safety, and kid-friendly activities. This guide will help you book the right boat.
  2. Pick a family-friendly destination: Here are our suggestions for top vacation spots that the whole family will love visiting.
  3. Teach your kids ocean etiquette: Sailing with your kids is a great way to show them how to respectfully interact with sea life. This article will help guide you in raising little environmentalists.
  4. Bring baby along too: Prepare for the challenges of having a little one on board by reading this guest post.
  5. Teach kids boating safety: It’s important for older kids to understand certain safety rules for sailing, and you can find the most important safe-boating topics to teach them here.
  6. Picture the perfect family day: Get inspired for your own family sailing vacation with this example of what an ideal day spent traveling with kids at sea can look like.
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Did you know? Boat holidays are just as affordable as hotels

Let us finish convincing you that a boat holiday is the way to go if you plan to travel with kids by busting the myth that yacht holidays cost more than hotels: Booking a private boat does not have to be more expensive than a hotel.

You can find some excellent offers on that make traveling with kids on a boat just as financially feasible as staying in a hotel — see below for just one example:  

Discover the Mediterranean with your family

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