How to Keep your Alpaca Dry on a Sailing Holiday

alpaca on a sailing boat

Kicking back on your own private yacht while cruising the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean is one of the most relaxing ways to holiday. You’ll be swimming in crystal clear water and sunbathing on secluded beaches all day long, and all your worries from home will just melt away.

We all love our pets and it would be great to take them with us, but bringing your Alpaca along on your sailing holiday can get a little… complicated.

alpaca on a sailing boat

We know you love them (who doesn’t?!), and leaving your alpaca at home can be such a difficult and stressful task. They look up at you with those big brown eyes and adorable buckteeth and it’s impossible not to want to bring them along on your sailing holiday. Alpacas travel very well, so, why not? They need holidays too, you know!

Taking your alpaca with you on your chartered boat can be a lot of fun. You can take them swimming, bring them along on day trips and even relax with them in the local cafés and restaurants. Alpacas love to travel, they love the beach and they’ll love sunbathing next to you at all the best beach bars with Europe’s hottest celebs.

Everyone loves alpacas. Alpacas love sailing. But there are just a few things you’ll have to consider before bringing your alpaca with you on a sailing holiday.

alpaca in the mountains

Keeping your Alpaca Dry

Alpacas get really stinky when they’re wet (seriously stinky), so make sure you keep them away from the water as often as possible. If they do decide to take a dip (and they will), make sure you bring a hairdryer to give those gorgeous, long locks a beautiful blow dry when they’re back on board. Also, bring along their favourite perfume; when staying on a boat, you’ll be in some pretty tight quarters with your family, your friends and your alpaca, so you’ll want your alpaca smelling deliciously fresh when mingling with guests and when hitting the town with you in the evening.

Spit Happens

You bring an alpaca along on your sailing holiday and the first thing it does after boarding the boat is spit gooey, green slime all over you – eww! But don’t worry; this is actually how they show their appreciation and say, “Thank you SO much for bringing me along on your sailing holiday!”. And also, try not too slip over on all the alpaca drool. You can actually use it to mop the deck – it’ll give the wood a fabulous shine.

alpaca travelling on a boat with a girl

Alpacas Love to Swim

You might not guess it, but alpacas LOVE to swim. They’ll be gliding through the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, splashing around and showing you their best backstroke and freestyle. However, make sure they wait to go swimming at least half an hour after eating lunch and, whatever you do, don’t forget to put their lifejackets on before they dive in – they’re heavy-bellied creatures and won’t last long before they’re deep-sea diving!

Dining with your Alpaca

People abroad love alpacas. They love sitting next to them in cafes and restaurants and sharing their delicious cuisine, so don’t be afraid of bringing your alpaca along with you when you go out on the town. Be sure to remind the staff of any dietary requirements, such as favourite items like hay, grass or leaves, but also be aware that alpacas love to chew on anything they can get close enough to, which includes that brand new €3000 hat on the glamorous lady sitting next to you at the Michelin Star restaurant in Marbella.

hungry alpaca eating

What to al-PACK-a

First of all, make sure to bring your alpaca’s most stylish sunglasses and hat to protect their big brown eyes and sensitive skin. Also, don’t forget their nail clippers and a portable fan or air conditioner, because your alpaca will likely get hot and sweaty in that scorching summer heat. Bring any required medication along with their favourite beach umbrella, towel and beach ball. Still not sure exactly what to bring, for both you and your alpaca? Check out our Ultimate Packing Checklist for a full list of everything to pack for a sailing holiday.

The Issue of Hygiene

Alpacas use a communal dung pile away from where they graze, so avoid having them on the boat after feeding time AT ALL COSTS. Instead, put them in the blow-up dinghy and row them aboard when they need to eat and go to the bathroom. Unless you’ve had your alpaca fully boat-trained, trust us, you’ll want to get them away from that beautiful rental boat immediately after dinner, or the beautiful Mediterranean Sea won’t be lookin’ so beautiful anymore.

ugly alpaca

Alpaca Behaviour

You take your alpaca for a day at the beach and suddenly it’s charging at bathers and trying to body-slam them into the ground! Don’t worry – this is how an alpaca says, “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you!”. All you need to do is dress them up in a Hulk Hogan wrestling outfit. This will warn others to start running fast if they don’t want a beach show-down with your alpaca.


Oh, and just one more thing…


Happy April Fools!!

Laughing Alpacas


This blog post was proudly brought to you by the alpaca lovers of While we do actually wish we could bring alpacas with us on sailing holidays, they’re just too high maintenance (and they really are stinky when wet).

Instead, we keep the magic of the sailing holiday to ourselves. We wish you all a happy Easter holiday period and a bright future full of amazing sailing holidays and smiling alpacas.


Thanks to Cobi, David Long, cjaremk and Smithsonian’s National Zoo for the excellent image from Flickr. Please note all images were under Creative Commons Licence at the time of publishing.