Extras and Optional Services for Your Best Boat Holiday Ever

extras on a boat charter

At Zizoo, our biggest wish is not just for everyone to enjoy the bliss of the boat holiday, but to really have an experience of a lifetime that’s unique to them — whether that means relaxing or being active or embracing new and exciting situations, challenges, and adventures. It’s why we’re so happy to offer so many extras for boat charter holidays in all of the following categories:

What extras can you add to your boat charter?

Here’s a look at some of the most popular extras, add-ons, and optional services to enhance and enrich your boat holiday experience.

Extras for vacation activities

  • SUP: A stand up paddle makes for a relaxing water activity that’s fun and safe for everyone.
sup extras
  • Windsurf board: Catch the wind and find out what flying feels like.
  • Canoe: Have a gentle workout as you explore your surroundings at a slower pace.
  • Fishing gear: Whether you just like the sport or want to reel in dinner, you’ll need to check the local fishing rules and documents required for your destination.
  • BBQ: Because there’s nothing like cooking out in the open, watching the sun set over the sea with a beer in one hand and a set of grill tongs in the other.
  • Jet-ski: Feel the thrill of speeding over the waves!
jet ski extras for activities

Extra equipment

  • Spinnaker or gennaker: Special sails that are designed for sailing downwind.
  • Safety net: A definite must-have for traveling with kids and/or pets, even if only for your peace of mind.
  • Outboard engine: To provide some backup power for your sailboat or catamaran.
extras on a boat charter spinnaker

Extra comfort

  • WiFi: How else will you share all your incredible holiday photos live on social media?
  • Extra towels: It’s always good to have spare towels, especially for a holiday on water!
  • Extra beach towels: Ideal for when you want to take multiple trips to the beach per day.
  • Extra bed linens: Who doesn’t love falling into fresh sheets at the end of a perfect day?
extras on boat charter

Extra services

  • Early check-in: Depending on availability, you might be able to board your holiday boat as soon as you get to the marina, even if that’s earlier than the official check-in time.
  • Late check-out: Trust us, that extra time on your holiday boat is worth it (more info on the check-in and check-out processes found here).
  • Groceries: Start your vacation off with a nice stock of food staples and fresh produce.
  • Pet on board: In case leaving your pet behind just isn’t an option (after all, sometimes they’re part of the family).
  • Airport transfer: Figuring out how to get to the marina is a logistical chore you simply don’t have to deal with.

Extra professional crew

  • Skipper: You’ll definitely need a skipper if you don’t have a boat license (and even if you do, it’s always nice to have someone on board who’s familiar with the local laws and regulations of your destination).  
  • Hostess: Make your holiday all the more relaxing with someone to keep the boat neat and clean and help with things like simple meal prep and daily scheduling.
  • Chef: Foodies (or anyone looking for an extra element of luxury in their holiday) love having a professional chef to create some spectacular private meals to enjoy on board.

Security-related extras

  • Damage waiver: Cover against accidental loss or damage is required for all boat charters, and one option is to purchase a damage waiver ahead of time and pay a lower amount on the security deposit.
  • Security deposit: A refundable amount that must be paid before you board your holiday boat.

Notes on booking extras for boat charters:

  • You can always check with our Zizoo holiday planners about the availability of extras and services that are available for your desired boat and destination.
  • Never been on a sailing holiday and don’t know where to start planning one, let alone booking extras? Check out our First-Timer Sailing Checklist.

Wanna book your boat with all these extras? As we know life happens we are happy you have the possibility to make your booking 100% refundable:

What does your perfect boat holiday look like?

Don’t be shy about requesting exactly what you want on your boat! This is your dream holiday, after all, and our experts are here to help make it a reality.

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