Zizoo Interviews Adriatic Yacht Charter

Zizoo Interviews Adriatic Yacht Charter

Since 2014, Zizoo has been partnering with yacht charter companies all around the world in order to build a boat rental platform that makes booking a boat as easy as a hotel online. Today, we now work with over 1,000 yacht charter companies and offer over 15,000 boat and yacht rentals across the globe. Recently, we were happy to welcome one of our oldest partners, Adriatic Yacht Charter (AYC), to our office in Berlin. We sat down with them to have a quick chat about their company and partnership with Zizoo:

When was your charter company established and how many boats did you start with?
We were established and 1999 and started with only 2 Elan sailboats.

And how big is your company currently?
Today, we are a company made up of 25 employees and offer about 90 charter yachts from one of our five bases in Croatia.

Why do you think that everyone should go on a sailing holiday at least once?
Everyone needs to try and experience it to understand the beauty of it!

How did you first find out about Zizoo?
Ivan and Mislav Zizoo’s CTO and Co-founder Ivan and his colleague, Mislav met us once in Pomer, Croatia. After a small chat, we understood that the idea of Zizoo was interesting for our business so we exchanged information and soon became one of your first partners. Since then, we continue to exchange thoughts and improve our cooperation. As business goes up for Zizoo, it also grows for us. We enjoy our partnership with Zizoo because it is a friendly cooperation.

How do Zizoo changes the industry?
Zizoo makes the boat renting process much faster! This is the big change for the nautical tourism industry as the client is able to find the boat with all of the necessary information and can book it in a matter of a few hours. So the client can simply book now and relax until it’s time for their holiday.

What do you think about our booking process and BMT tool (our software)?
Your tool is pulling the data from our booking system and if this data is correct then it is also correct for Zizoo. This makes it very fast to offer all of the details that your clients need.

How do you find our overall partnership so far?
Excellent! This is why we visited you! The company is made up of very interesting people. We usually hold meetings with our partners once every 5 years, but we were immediately happy when we met Zizoo last year at ICE and once we received the invitation to come to your office, we immediately booked the flights! Usually, we do not make many trips, but rather, focus on our work in Croatia, but this is a special occasion as you are our most important partner.

Thanks again to Bosko and Maja from AYC for visiting us in Berlin!

If you’re a charter company looking to expand your business, we encourage you to contact us. Send a message to partners@zizoo.com for more information.