NEWS: Zizoo Wins at the Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit

Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit Winners Zizoo

Zizoo steals the show at the Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit 2015 in Florida.

For eight years, Phocuswright’s Battleground and Travel Innovation Summit events have showcased the industry’s most promising startups. These two events are about discovering the next market-changing innovations, seeking fresh ideas, new partners and investment opportunities, and they allow “the best of the best” to take the stage and present their ideas to the industry’s big names.

On November 16, Anna Banicevic, Zizoo’s CEO, pitched the company against 20 other startups in the first event, the Phocuswright Battleground Competition. 
The Battleground Competition gave early-stage startups the opportunity to compete for three slots on the stage of the main event, the Travel Innovation Summit. We competed against some talented innovators in the travel industry, but Anna dominated the stage and won the Battleground Competition. For a full wrap-up of each presentation, see Douglas Quinby’s article here, but here’s his take on Anna’s presentation:

This is one of the best presentations of the day, and I agree with the judges (Zizoo was a winner). The CEO clearly outlined the market, the problem and how they are solving it, and delivered data to prove it’s working. (Other presenters take note: This is how every startup pitch should be!).

The Battleground judges included Sam Shank, founder of Hotel Tonight, and Cameron Yuill, startup digital media veteran.

Phocuswright Battleground Competition Zizoo Wins

Then, on November 18, the crowd and judges were full of anticipation to hear the world’s travel innovators speak.  
This was Phocuswright’s eighth Travel Innovation Summit, and over 1,700 of the travel industry’s most influential leaders from around the world attended. The theme for the 2015 Phocuswright Conference – I, Traveler: Embracing Post Mobile – welcomed a bold new era in which platforms are secondary, and travelers are primary.
The judging panel included some of the biggest names in travel, who critiqued each demonstration based on technical innovation, business value and potential marketplace impact. Among 10 or so others, we were judged by the likes of Philippe Chereque, CTO of American Express, Glenn Fogel, Head of the Priceline Group and Philip Wolf, Founder of Phocuswright.

Zizoo took on 40 startups on stage and came out victorious as the runner-up startup winners of the entire Travel Innovation Summit event! 

We were overcome with praise after our Travel Innovation Summit presentation, some of the best coming from Alex Kremer:
“Both during the Battleground and on the main stage, presenter Anna Banicevic set herself apart as one of the sharpest presenters in the entire Travel Innovation Summit. She outlined her vision, knew her metrics, and presented some incredibly impressive early results ($3,300 basket size, $3 million in gross bookings, 40% month-to-month growth, etc.). Expect a big funding announcement from this startup soon.”

It was a fantastic event, well-executed, and full of brilliant and inspiring travel industry entrepreneurs. Read the full event summary by Phocuswright here, or watch the video round-up below for some of the highlights.

We’d like to thank The Dragons, the awesome judges of the Travel Innovation Summit:

    • Philippe Chereque
    • Rod Cuthbert
    • Ellen Keszler
    • Chris Hemmeter
    • Philip Wolf
    • Renee Welsh
    • Jim Hornthal
    • Flo Lugli
    • Miriam Moscovici
    • Glenn Fogel

We are incredibly thankful for both of our wins! The entire Phocuswright conference was a great experience and so beneficial to Zizoo as we continue our rapid growth. We met some wonderful people and plan to initiate several important partnerships.

For some of the full event highlights, head to Phocuswright’s home page.