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    Sailing Routes

    Explore the world one destination at a time with our selection of sailing routes.

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    1. Boat trips from Dubrovnik
      Famously known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s most treasured cities. While the beauty you’ll find within its medieval w …
    2. A sailing route from New York to Canada
      Looking to get away this fall or winter? November is the perfect time to plan a romantic cruise along the eastern coast of the US up to the Land of Pl …
    3. Sailing in Sardinia: A 7-Day Dream Route for Food and Wine Lovers
      Famed for its stunning natural beauty, rich culture and glamorous resorts and clubs, Sardinia is one of the most unique and dazzling destinations to v …
    4. Guest Post: Sailing in the Sporades
      Beautiful beaches, ideal wind conditions and charming towns make sailing in the Sporades an absolute delight. If planning a sailing holiday in the Spo …
    5. Guest Post: Sailing in Volos, Thessaly
      Greece is one of our favorite destinations for sailing. It’s numerous islands, hospitable people, delectable dishes and rich cultural heritage m …
    6. World Heritage by Boat: Croatia
      In our new series, Exploring World Heritage by Boat, we’ve created different sailing routes that allow you to discover some of the world’s most import …
    7. A wine lover’s guide to sailing in Croatia
      When you are not basking in the sun, swimming in pristine waters or exploring villages and historic sites or cruising in Croatia, you may be seeking a …
    8. Island Hopping in Dalmatia: 7 Days from Dubrovnik to Split
      Discover the region of Dalmatia with our 7-day sailing route from Dubrovnik to Split. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the en …
    9. South Ionian Sailing – Kastos to Lefkas
      Read the next instalment of Georgie Moon’s series on sailing in Greece. Picking up from where she last left off, take a look at this South Ionia …

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