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    Sailing Tips

    Discover practical advice and useful sailing tips

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    1. How to help a seasick sailor
      As an avid sailor who choose a boat for a place to call home, our guest blogger Louise of Sandy Toes and Writer Woes knows a thing or two about the si …
    2. Guest Post: 5 Signs You Might Be New To Living On A Boat
      Are you new to the world of sailing or just had the pleasure of buying your first boat? Guest blogger, Genevieve, of the sailing blog, It’s a Ne …
    3. Guest Post: Which boat is right for me?
      Thinking of booking a boat holiday and wondering, “which boat is right for me?”. American automotive technician Bill Bender, owner of Inde …
    4. Guest Post: What sailors do in Winter
      The days are getting shorter, the weather is colder and the sun doesn’t seem to shine as bright. Well, it’s time to accept that the summer …
    5. Guest Post- Yacht Charter Check-in Procedures
      Not sure what to look out for when you pick up your boat during the yacht charter check-in? Our guest blogger, Louise of Sandy Toes and Writer Woes an …
    6. Guest Post: When to go on a sailing holiday?
      Planning your first sailing holiday with Zizoo? One of the first steps is deciding when to go. Our guest blogger, Louise, of the popular blogs, Sandy …
    7. Guest Post: Ocean etiquette – Interacting with sea life
      One of the best parts about sailing and living on a boat is the ability to get close and witness some of the world’s most fascinating sea creatu …
    8. Guest Post: Preparing For Your First Sailing Trip With Friends
      This week we are happy to introduce our newest guest blogger and fellow sailor, Genevieve, of the popular sailing blog, It’s a Necessity: Travel …
    9. Guest Post: Chartering vs Owning a Boat
      When debating whether or not you want to charter or own your own boat, you should not only consider the financial costs, but also also time and flexib …

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