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    Seasonal Sailing

    Seasons change, the sea remains the same. Explore seasonal sailing

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    1. What is it like to spend Christmas on board?
      Heather Francis is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. For over a decade she has travelled the world living and working on boats. In 2008 she and her …
    2. Top 5 2018 Winter Sun Holiday Destinations
      As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, we can’t help but dream of warm, sunny destinations to escape the winter blues. Catch some ra …
    3. The perfect NYE 2017 destinations for a boat holiday
      Only a few more weeks and it’s time to leave 2017 behind! How will you ring in the new year? If you’re looking to celebrate NYE 2018 in st …
    4. Dream Winter Sailing Holidays
      Are you longing for a paradise of palm trees, warm waters, cool cocktails and exotic landscapes? If so, it’s time to start planning a winter get …
    5. Guest Post: What sailors do in Winter
      The days are getting shorter, the weather is colder and the sun doesn’t seem to shine as bright. Well, it’s time to accept that the summer …
    6. Guest Post: When to go on a sailing holiday?
      Planning your first sailing holiday with Zizoo? One of the first steps is deciding when to go. Our guest blogger, Louise, of the popular blogs, Sandy …
    7. Guest Post: How the America’s Cup Is Won and Lost
      Read this guest post by competitive sailing enthusiast Danny Lynch on winning the America’s Cup. If you love sailing, remember to have a look on …
    8. Top Christmas Holiday Destinations 2015
      Swap the Christmas tree for a palm tree and discover these top Christmas holiday destinations. When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Let us …
    9. 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boat Lovers
      How to choose the perfect Christmas gift for that special, boat-loving someone. Christmas is just around the corner. Can you believe it? Neither can w …

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