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    Island hopping in Croatia: 7 days sailing from Split

    Written by Rachael Perry on Jun 25, 2015

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    With its incredible coastal cities, wealth of historic sites and cultural traditions, outstanding food and beautiful islands, it’s no wonder why Croatia’s region of Dalmatia is one of the most loved destinations in the Mediterranean. The gorgeous coastline and nearby islands make it paradise for sailors and island hopping in Croatia is a dream. All you need is the perfect sailing route to get you started.

    Island hopping in Croatia from Split- a 7-day sailing route

    A sailing holiday in Croatia, especially one leaving from Split, opens up hundreds of possibilities to explore secluded coves, hidden islands and picturesque beaches.

    Sailing a yacht or motor yacht along the Adriatic coast is a truly unique experience, which includes typical Venetian villages with ancient bell towers, medieval fortresses, excellent restaurants and bars, and some of the clearest waters and pristine beaches in the Mediterranean.

    The stunning coastal city of Split, Croatia’s second largest city, is one of our favourite destinations to depart from.

    So, guess what we’ve done?

    Just for you, we’ve designed the perfect sailing route leaving Split and sailing Croatia’s best islands.

    island hopping in Croatia

    Day 1 – Saturday: Split to Brač / 10 nM

    Arrive in Split take a tour of the charming Old Town that lies behind the ancient walls of Diocletian’s Palace. Hop aboard your boat just a few steps from Split’s famous seafront promenade and get ready for a week of discovery in Dalmatia. You can find out more about arriving and Split and planning a yacht charter holiday here.

    On beautiful Brač Island, you have a few options. Bobovisce is a very small village with a safe bay, buoys, and 10 mooring lines on the village dock. Milna is a small fishing village with unique, old stone houses, three marinas and a small village dock.

    Things to do in Brač:

    1. Vineyard visits and wine tasting:

    Wine tasting at the village Bol ‘Stina’ winery

    Wine tasting at the ‘Senjković’ winery in the village of Dračevica

    2. Beaches:

    Zlatni rat (popular beach, its cape changes shape depending on which way the wind blows)

    Murvica and around Murvica (there are a lot of unspoiled ‘gems’ and small pebble beaches)

    3. Restaurants:

    Ranjak (lamb restaurant in a beautiful olive tree garden above the village of Supetar, reachable with taxi from Milna, Bobovišča and Supetar)

    Konoba Tomić (an 800-year-old house in Humac Gornji)

    Taverna ‘Riva’ (in the village of Bol)

    Day 2 – Sunday: Brač to Vis / 20 nM

    On the island of Vis, you can visit Komiža (one of the nicest fishing villages in the area, with mooring lines on the village dock and buoys in front) or Vis (also a very nice village, usually safer than Komiža for bad weather, and it has more mooring lines along the village dock and more buoys in front than Komiža does).

    Things to do in Vis:

    1. Vineyard visits and wine tasting:

    Wine tasting at the village Vis ‘Lipanović’ winery

    Wine tasting at the ‘Rokis’ winery in the village of Plisko Polje

    2. Beaches:

    Stiniva (one of the most famous Croatian bays, a small pebble beach)

    Budikovac (on the south side of the island, a turquoise bay with a pebble beach)

    Zaglav (a sand beach)

    Stončica (a sand beach)

    Porat (a sand beach on the island of Biševo)

    Srebrna beach (just below the village of Rukavac)

    3. Restaurants:

    Rokis (inland restaurant specialising in Peka dishes, call ahead)

    Konoba ‘Magić’ (inland restaurant in a vineyard)

    Pojoda (fish restaurant in the village of Kut)

    Lola (creative cuisine in the village of Vis)

    Bako (fish restaurant in the village of Komiža)

    island hopping in Croatia

    Day 3 – Monday: Vis to Lastovo / 35 nM

    On the small island of Lastovo, Zaklopatica bay (a safe, naturally protected bay with three restaurants offering mooring lines in front, with also some mooring lines in front of the village dock) or Skrivena Luka bay (another good anchorage with a small private marina) are both excellent places to stop in.

    Things to do in Lastovo:

    1. Beaches:

    Saplun Bay on the east side of Lastovo in the Lastovnjaci archipelago

    2. Restaurants:

    Augusta Insulae (fish restaurant in Zaklopatica bay)

    Triton (fish restaurant in Zaklopatica bay)

    Fumari (small tavern with great food in the village of Lastovo)

    Day 4 – Tuesday: Lastovo to Korčula / 20 nM

    The City of Korčula is a beautiful example of Venetian influence in Croatia. Its small, historical old town is often referred to as ‘Small Dubrovnik’. Korčula has a great marina you can moor in.

    Things to do in Korčula:

    1. Vineyard visits and wine tasting:

    Wine tasting at the village Lumbarda ‘Bire’ winery

    Wine tasting at the ‘Čara’ winery in the village of Čara

    Wine tasting at the ‘Krajančić’ winery

    2. Beaches:

    Pržina (sand beach)

    Bili žal (sand beach)

    Pebble beaches around the island of Proizd on the northwest side of the island

    Pupnatska Luka bay, with pebble beach on the south side of the island

    3. Restaurants:

    Dimitri Lešić Palace (creative cuisine in the city of Korčula)

    Ranč Maha (inland meat restaurant)

    Aborda restaurant in ACI Marina

    Stupe restaurant (just for lunch, on the small island of Stupe in front of the city of Korčula)

    island hopping in Croatia

    Day 5 – Wednesday: Korčula to Hvar / 32 nM

    Hvar is one of the most popular islands in Croatia. Marina Palmižana (located in a nature park, a five minute water taxi ride from Hvar) or Vinogradišče bay (a safe anchorage on the opposite side of the marina) are both fantastic destinations to anchor in. There are also many anchorage options on Pakleni islands, in front of Hvar.

    Things to do in Hvar:

    1. Vineyard visits and wine tasting:

    Wine tasting at the village of Jelsa ‘Tomić’ winery

    Wine tasting at the village of Jelsa ‘Duboković’ winery

    Wine bar ‘Tri Pršuta’ in the village of Hvar

    ‘Laganini lounge bar’ at Pakleni Islands

    2. Beaches:

    Palmižana (popular sand bay, nice restaurants and lounge bars)

    Dubovica (secluded pebble beach on the side south of the island) and around Dubovica there are many small ‘secret’ beaches all for yourself

    Borče bay (a pebble beach in a turquoise bay between Milna and Hvar)

    3. Restaurants:

    Zori restaurant at Pakleni islands

    Laganini restaurant at Pakleni islands

    Tottos restaurant at Pakleni islands

    Paladini restaurant at the village of Hvar

    Giaxa restaurant at the village of Hvar

    Gariful restaurant at the village of Hvar

    Bistro ‘Kod Damira’ in the village of Starigrad

    Konoba ‘Pineta’ in the village of Starigrad

    Day 6 – Thursday: Hvar to Šolta /  12 nM

    Šolta has many small villages and secluded coves to explore. Stomorska (the largest village), Rogac and Necujam are the most popular on the northeastern coast, but they can be quite windy. Maslinica, on the west coast, is more protected and popular for swimming.

    Things to do in Šolta:

    1. Vineyard visits and wine tasting:

    Have a glass of wine at the village of Maslinica in the Castle of Martinis Marchi or in the Sakajet restaurant and wine bar

    Try autochtone wine from a red sort Dobričić in the secluded bay of Jorja

    2. Restaurants:

    Jorja (a small bay on the south side of the island, with only one restaurant with 7 buoys)

    Sakajet restaurant in the village of Maslinica

    island hopping in Croatia

    Day 7 – Friday: Solta to Split / 10 nM

    Split is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia and, with a gorgeous coastline and so many sailing possibilities, you can see why! Split harbour is full of many excellent, full-service marinas, and Split’s ancient walls and streets are scattered with fantastic cafes, restaurants, and a wild nightlife scene.

    Things to do in Split:

    1. Vineyard visits and wine tasting:

    Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox

    Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar

    Uje Oil Bar

    Bokeria Kitchen & Wine

    Diocletian’s Wine House

    2. Restaurants:

    Konoba Marjan

    Congo Znjan

    Konoba Matejuska


    Konoba Matoni

    Villa Spiza

    Oyster and Sushi Bar Bota

    3. Beaches:

    Bačvice (the most popular beach in Split, a sand beach)

    Ovčice (smaller, pebble beach)

    Firule (small sand beach)

    Trstenik (pebble or gravel with a shallow entrance)

    Žnjan (consists of several bays, mostly pebble and rock)

    Kaštelet (popular with young people, many beach bars)


    Are you convinced yet?

    Sailing from Split is one of the best ports of departure along the Croatian coastline. Experience the joy of island hopping in Croatia at your leisure when you book a boat in Croatia

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